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Development direction HP tries to promote memory business from software
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HP company announced a series of software to upgrade a few days ago measure stores with quickening new IT andServerThe process of the project.

The HP software that HP company holds in Las Vegas now expresses on round-the-world congress, this software upgrades to basically be optimized in commercial technology centrally (BTO) above. A series of buys the action to obtain products that they balanced HP to be adopted in this industry recently, include to bought company of MercuryInteractive of BTO professional firm with the price of 4.5 billion dollar last year, be in later some earlier this year moment bought BristolTechnology company again.

Additional, HP company still perfected as compatible as configuration management, Web20 application and lash-up requirement to be like IT infrastructure library mainly (ITIL) wait for concerned software.

For example, database field runs in configuration, HP updated his general CMDB software. It uses the technology that when buying MercuryInteractive company, acquires to be developed this software. General CMDB software is integrated the automatic discovery of equipment, system and application software function, built with the information reservoir that the relation between they and each other concerns. The technology that uses in platform includesServer, memory and couplet network equipment.

This software is already OK now data is shared between 75 kinds of in product of series of HP company BTO different equipment, include guideline, fluctuant management and service government to wait.

Upgrade otherly to still include pair of products before Mercury company upgrade, for instance the QualityCenter of HP is mixed the software such as LoadRunner. Apply to detect the QualityCenter that software publishs quality had had after upgrade the name is " quick test " function, it can identify the material effect of software version and patch, the key is the influence of pair of other systems.

At least a Mercury company user plans to undertake upgrading to the product. KimPuttnam of vice-chairman of group of user of Mercury of director of project of system of information of wholesome and scientific university, Portland says Russian Le Gang: "We are shops of ERP of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty, inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty will release more and complex patch, accordingly we hope to obtain wants document more quickly. We hope to be opposite of QualityCenter upgrade those demand problems that can solve us. We hope to be opposite of QualityCenter upgrade those demand problems that can solve us..
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