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"One horn money " the secret of successful sales promotion
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The likelihood yielding benefit of one horn money everybody feels essential to cannot move consumer is undeserved even carry, but of author come across " sales promotion of one horn money " method, not only allow merchant trade flourishing and still let a client praise to this merchant have fine, would rather queue up to also want to patronize his business, what kind of secret is this having among them? Simple phenomenal backside remains deep sales promotion principle, to terminal sales promotion also is having very great enlightenment sense now.

There are a few vendor's stands that sell bean products to nod in a food market, the business that always can have A merchant only is hot, everybody would rather queue up to wait to also do not buy same thing in the store on the side. The price that is A inn compared with on the side is shop cheap a lot of? Either, you should ask him the price that sell and others are same; Be the quality that sells a product a lot of better than others? Also not be, quality is about the same, estimation of a lot of things and others are in same a local replenish onr's stock; Be to have buy send sales promotion the measure? Not be more, small business has so big gain impossibly. Have a very simple reason only so: This merchant no matter the client buys what thing active receive one horn fund less. For example the client says hello to bean curd is 1 yuan a jin, carried a bean curd, he puts bean curd to electronic balance to say to show 1.7 yuan, he can say: "Receive 1.6 yuan. " the reliance that let him win a customer with respect to this little one horn money, make his business fierier and fierier.

Look be like simple " sales promotion of one horn money " why can you produce so strong sales promotion result? Still let us analyse a few crucial factors with this successful sales promotion:

1, quality of sales promotion product cannot sell at a discount booth advocate the quality of bean curd is assured, mix at least of competitor equal, is not had filled with bad. If the quality of bean curd is bad, again cheap client was duped to also won't be bought again next time.

Enlightenment: The product does sales promotion to also want quality above all excellent, present consumer tends sensible, they have the capacity of resolution product quality, if produce quality for sales promotion through reducing,the means of the quantity reduces cost to be approbated with respect to what won't get customer. For example new year's day of some china product sales promotion, the price fell from 30 yuan previously 18 yuan, but these products are not the quality goods goods that sells 30 yuan so, however the surface is a little rough, or the inferior goods with substandard modelling, this is hitting the name of sales promotion to handle defective goods namely, consumer thinks it is cheap to was bought originally, the result is to regret " petty gain does not have good money " also believe the sales promotion activity of manufacturer no longer. Because this product is being done,depreciate, dozen lose the weight that the product reduces when waiting for sales promotion activity, the quality that reduces a product is the kind that cannot take very much.
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