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Matter of car carring capacity drops with a loud crash flying pace of old man se
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If it were not for I run quickly, early with respect to be buried below these clogs. " on July 22 early morning 5 when make 30 minutes, in middle of early city of urban ancient road, old man finger wears the Liu Yuexin that sells food to tilting badly an other place of berth is great van, ground of one's heart still fluttering with fear to surrounded the person that watch to tell about the alarmingly dangerous that just happens one act. Accident at that time, at the moment the lumber in the railroad car on this old freight car board drop suddenly, strike at roadside booth dot.

Memory of Liu month glad says, he is original look out road east the vegetable stall of side dish of the discharge on the tricycle from oneself, old freight car of an other place carries full one car wood material board is apropos beside him transient. Turning of the head one instantly, he catchs a glimpse of suddenly the lumber on van board slipping in take advantage of an opportunity come down. Disease of eye of Liu month glad " leg " fast, an a sudden big stride forward eastwards change goes. With respect to the twinkling of an eye that in Liu Yuexin change gives, the lumber on van board topple with a loud crash, his tricycle was sufferred directly " disaster " , was pressed to be in on van below downfallen clog. "Good risk! Within an inch of loses a lot today. " Jing of Liu month glad gives a suit cold sweat.

In the another vegetable stall on the side of vegetable stall of Liu month glad, lying in sleep still is in on the bed that builds temporarily inside vegetable stall to young couple selling food, hear a gigantic sound suddenly, couple two frighten repeatedly cry in fear. Another looks, the lumber that their vegetable stall also is fallen to come down is bungled farfetchedly: Tomato, cucumber scatter one ground, an electron balance is bumped into so that do not have law reoccupy. "I still have heart disease, how withstand such fright? " female booth advocate say black in facely.

"We pull lumber board from Wei lane, market of preparative carry Xiang Gumo the one place building site in, did not think of to happen suddenly fall. " a king surname man that takes inside van at that time says. He analyses a likelihood is to bind not strong caused fall the happening of incident.

"How to do? My tricycle is bungled destroyed, how are you compensated for? " the person such as Liu Yuexin put forward to compensate for a requirement to the other side. 7 when make, city hands in policeman detachment one group policeman hears the news drive field survey to processing, order a car advocate clear first rapidly the spot, lest block traffic. "From the point of the circumstance of perambulate spot, this old freight car is put have serious overweighted appearance. " the policeman is drawing spot accident to analyse a scheme on definitive edition of ancient bronze mirror at the same time, tell a reporter at the same time.

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