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Skimp of 2 jins of grapes half jins 4 jins of half banana lacks a balance dealer
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Ms. Chen that lives in a developing zone calls reporter hot line, reflected oneself experience furiously.

Ms. Chen says: "I bought 2 jins of grapes with every jins of 5 yuan price in market of village of developing zone Jin Dong, bought 4 jins of banana of half again. What when butcher says at that time, hit the level is high, still say the grape gave more more than 9, I am quite glad still. But after coming home, my husband says to look at be like not quite adequate level, take electronic balance to go up to say with respect to conveniently, the result discovers the grape has a jin only half, 4 jins of banana of half just 3 jins 79. Later, I am taking a fruit to find that butcher theory, he looks to explain to the balance is misreaded in saying ado rapidly, still do not invite my make public, give the level that be short of fill came back, but some bumpy still are in my heart, uncomfortable. Uncomfortable..

Here, our newspaper supports a few move to broad citizen. Before weighing a thing, the sky in the scale that lets pedlar first is worn, put the weight in " 0 " locally, if weighbeam is rough, this balance has a problem, this is a when check whether sufficient scale practical and simple method. Additional, a small spring balance also can be carried when shopping, usually pedlar dare not make fun of heart. If encounter the illegal pedlar of pole making fun of a balance, the citizen also can be dialed directly 12315 undertake informing against.

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