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Bureau of city qualitative inspect is special check balance of 5 electrons of Yo
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Electronic balance must send check inside half an year, in selectiving examination this, discovery has businessman do sth without authorization will not investment of calibrating electron balance is used. " yesterday morning, merchandise of the holiday of bureau of city qualitative inspect that start is metric and special examination, execute the law personnel is right inn of California of Yong Huichao city undertook assault is checked, capture 5 to violate compasses electron balance in all.

"Escape check " electronic balance may be short jin little 2

Yesterday, the ration of the product such as the rice that city pledges inspect bureau checked group emphasis to check a supermarket to sell, face, oily, bacon, banger packs goods clean content tags measuring implement of maneuver of circumstance and trade close an account to provide (namely electronic balance) have metric calibrating case lawfully.

Execute the law personnel is in California of Yong Huichao city the discovery when inn is checked, 3 electrons balance is used with respect to investment without calibrating, still 2 electrons balance exceeds period not check, execute the law personnel captures these 5 at once " escape check " electronic balance. "Without the balance of calibrating, do not eliminate to appear short jin little the circumstance of two. " personage of bureau of city qualitative inspect introduces, every half an year must send electronic balance check.

In addition, inside Yong Huichao city self-restrained food is being packed tag on existence problem. The supermarket is a few mediumer abstain earthnut piece, the label of product package mount such as biscuit is non-standard. For example, in 2.5 yuan of a bag earthnut piece bag mount, see the real weight that is less than a product.

Oily kind of commodity weight is basic amount to mark

In weigh inn of bridge of avalokitesvara of 100 rivers north, execute the law personnel is tagged to a pail for 1.8L the bulk of some brand soybean oil undertook be metricaled actually, execute the law personnel above all the weight that metage gives this oil (contain the barrel that pack) for 1759.58g, pour a few oil into standard container next, mix through measuring conversion, computation gives oily density to be 0.9218g/ml, teem of the 3rd pace the weight of empty bucket of the metage after all oil, next the real volume that repass conversion decides this pails of oil is 1799.23ml, with nominal bulk 1.8L differs 0.07ml, error limits up to specification asks.

In the meantime, execute the law personnel puts the standard weight of 9kg on an electron balance, the weight that right now this balance shows is 8.995kg, differ with standard weight 5g. Execute the law personnel expresses, error limits is losing 15g less than in what national regulations allows, belong to qualification.

City pledges inspect bureau expresses, from the point of summer condition, current business can abide by a few large trade set related the country, can build interior management system and system of Zhang of stage of goods of pass in and out, but also put in partial issue.
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