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Jotter of X310 of Tong Fangfeng acute head judge
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We updated batteries to check a program to come newest version MobileMark2007, this batteries and overall function test is divided in all to be as follows a few test an item, emphasize particularly on respectively DVD is broadcasted, high strenth office, documentation reads 3 kinds of environments. We choose piece emphasize particularly on two projects of domestic environment and office environment have a test, it is DVD Playback and Productivity respectively. These two tests are the DVD that the extreme compares in environment of imitate family expenses broadcasts a test respectively, calculate only run time, do not record function to notch.

Productivity handles official bussiness imitate moving user daily a variety of software of bring into contact with, the intermittent time that and the system is met be mingled with differs, operate an environment with user of imitate of the oldest rate. This test checks the record time, function to notch.

Run a test every time, we will start the computer afresh, and undertake disk fragment is arranged, if there is concerned SpeedStep to adjust option in BIOS, we are set Automic. The instant that the test runs we are in a poor light screen adjust for intermediate value, notched project can check all possible effects to shut before. DVD broadcasts a test in link, we drive volume to the smallest.

SYSmark2007 Preview suit

This function evaluates software to include E-Learning, Office Productivity, Video Creation, 3D Modeling in all, respectively study of imitate user Internet, office is due, video found, 3D builds a model. This test software imitate is different all sorts of office software that daily office handles the user, the side that handles daily through imitate user undertakes assessment to whole system performance. Every test all moves 3 times, take the highest function in the test 3 times to notch. Before moving every time, all need to arrange disk fragment. The test notchs had jumped over higher.

Individual function tests a program:

We are hard disk cent one whole partition in HD Tach test, the format is NTFS, arrange disk fragment and start computer afresh, the Long Bench in moving HD Tach RW, record its curve and result. Read take rate to notch, had jumped over higher. Disk answers time, shorter better.

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