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Always course of study of health weighing apparatus " hold point to a fist " cor
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Always course of study of health weighing apparatus relies on the belt of guild to move action closely, change in market competition " big fish has small fish " for " big fish helps small fish " , entire industry is in upgrade win-win is obtained in replacement. According to newest statistic: The electronic level that this city produces already occupied the 85% above of countrywide market share, platform scale of the sliding weight of a steelyard occupies 95% above.

Always health the countryside that is famous weighing apparatus, the weighing apparatus manufacturer that whole town has manufacturing license 44, manufacturer of weighing apparatus fittings many 50, return factory of family of weighing apparatus of a hunderd schools of know exactly about sth. Initial stage of reforming and opening, this city ancient hill takes Ceng Cheng to be the throughout the country's biggest weighing apparatus market. But as a result of long-term since interior of industry of local weighing apparatus relies on to follow suit blindly type develops, a lot of enterprises do not wish to invest start research and development, do not wish to develop new product, the industry is in loop of low administrative levels, be less than unexpectedly when lowest of product profit margin 1% .

Pass " quality storm " baptism, always health city recalls a painful experience, guide weighing apparatus enterprise actively to establish weighing apparatus guild, produce the core power of the industry, urge a company between " hold point to a fist " , compete in cooperation, develop in win-win.

To make numerous manufacturer shares technical progress fruit, weighing apparatus guild is adopted " pattern of master of communication breath, clique, price " method, drive entire industry to upgrade replacement. Electronic balance appears easily below electromagnetism interference the defect that weight of place balance object forbids, in always the company that Kang Nengke takes this crisis is less than 5. To this, guild of this city weighing apparatus unites the technical master worker that organizes bibcock backbone company to convey ability to each medium and small businesses, hold employee to groom class, directive medium and small businesses acquires detect equipment. Make the electronic balance of company of many 80 member passed a country to detect entirely finally, formed the structure that electronic balance dimensions changes. In the meantime, the sale network that bibcock enterprise relies on this city weighing apparatus to be built in the whole nation monitors at any time the market is dynamic, fix the price by association board collective, ensured the profit space of the product.

The weighing apparatus company with strong actual strength is the first new product of research and development, the medium and small businesses with defective actual strength of research and development adopts the way that gives funds of one part research and development, from actual strength rich backbone company makes over one part to compare the new technology that prospect of mature, market values. Enterprise of bibcock of this city weighing apparatus -- investment of limited company of weighing apparatus of Zhejiang Xiang Yu the Conqueror holds water many yuan 300 to be mixed greatly weighing apparatus institute, high pay introduces high talent, develop weighing apparatus new product ceaselessly, balance of balance of dynamic gross ril load, electronic language balance, electronic bar code, electron is waterproof the new product such as balance of bar code of language of balance, electron throws production ceaselessly. And this city always continent because weighing apparatus limited company lacks core skill, the enterprise can produce enginery tradition weighing apparatus only all the time. Backbone of technique of group of limited company of weighing apparatus of Xiang Yu the Conqueror imparts to this enterprise electronic balance the core technology such as to program, at present this enterprise already became the backbone company of electronic balance industry.
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