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"Be restricted model makes " electronic balance, the circumstance is not quite h
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"Be restricted model makes " rose to be carried out formally on June 1. According to the regulation, retail place executes the commodity such as all supermarkets, bazaar, free market of agricultural products plastic shopping bag is paid use system, uniform must not offer freely. That day, the reporter visits inn of market of our city much home, supermarket, free market of agricultural products, Xiaoshang to wait, discover executive case of large market and supermarket is good, and free market of agricultural products, small shop not allow hopeful.


Strict " be restricted model "

On June 1, in the our city each are big supermarket, people hand takes the setting everywhere of bag of environmental protection bag, cloth to see, each supermarket can be carried out strictly " be restricted model makes " , "Be restricted model " the dosage that lets polybag really decreased.

In the morning 10 when make, the exit of lotus supermarket loves in Yichu, the people in file of thing of try to win sb's favor and piece, shopping amount is little taking with the hand directly, much use bag of environmental protection bag, cloth, food basket to be being carried, what a few youths that did not prepare are carrying is contain a form code add thick polybag. When 100 benefit Home ยท is beautiful, the supermarket such as big profit hair, seen circumstance is basic about the same. As we have learned, each supermarket is paid price of use environmental protection polybag is differ, but come in 1 wool between 3 wool. Occupy introduction of the member that receive silver, from " be restricted model makes " in light of the circumstance that executes a day, the use quantity of polybag reduces half above.

Bazaar brand shop

Paper bag hop-pocket is much

Centrally 100 big, the reporter sees the dress of mass brand and shoe use free paper bag to pack. The assistant says, these two days of bazaar are emphasizing cannot offerring polybag freely, even if paid offer, its ply also must accord with national relevant specification. In Jin Ying shopping centers, besides the packing paper bag of each brand, bazaar still has do not have tailor-madely spin cloth shopping bag, the client can choose paper bag or be hop-pocket, free offers both, want polybag to want to collect fees.

Be in brand shop, plastic bag bagging also ended to be used freely, many brand inn offer paper bag freely to the client. The reporter understands in Xin Huashu inn, offer polybag no longer since June 1, if have need,use cord bundle up.


Support " be restricted model "

On June 1 early in the morning, week uncle as usual and old partner go to a supermarket buying food. Just went out, week uncle beats cerebral door: "Forget to carry cloth bag. " husband or wife follows " Oh " , two people retrace goes taking cloth bag.

"Cloth bag, food basket has in the home, I support environmental protection policy of the country. " although return bag of incommensurate provide for oneself temporarily,go to a supermarket, but week uncle expresses, support this move certainly, forgot to answer electronic balance home to take, nevermore is multi-purpose a polybag.
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