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Exhibition of weighing apparatus of 2008 China International
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Showpiece time: 2008-4-22 applies for to end to 2008-4-24: 2008-4-20 cycle: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: The businessman exhibits meeting area: Home exhibits can exhibit meeting area: Shandong / Qingdao city specific address: Qingdao international exhibition center a house 2 houses exhibit industry: Ginseng extend range: In recent years development of domestic abroad development gets weighing apparatus new product / new technology / all sorts of weighing apparatus / balance / say to weigh sensor / say to weigh place of industry of indication controller and weighing apparatus to need to get all sorts of testing instrument instrument, get material of yuan of parts of an apparatus to wait related to weighing apparatus product sponsor square:

Association of Chinese weighing apparatus undertakes square: Assist do square: Exhibit meeting network address: exhibits meeting specification:

  " exhibition of weighing apparatus of 2008 China International " it is association of Chinese weighing apparatus those who hold is dozenth an exhibition of weighing apparatus major, exhibiting limits and content are: The weighing apparatus of development of domestic and international business, development is new product, new in recent years technology, all sorts of weighing apparatus, balance, say to weigh sensor, call heavy indication controller and place of weighing apparatus industry all sorts of needed testing instrument, appearance, yuan of parts of an apparatus related to weighing apparatus product, material. Will hold at the same time during exhibition called heavy technology seminar and new product, new technology the news briefing 2008; Meeting of board of association of Chinese weighing apparatus. The wonderful opportunity that this is current situation of trade of weighing apparatus of China of a comprehensive understanding and development trends, it is as main as our country weighing apparatus manufacturing company has the technical communication, optimal opportunity that establishs connection.

     ginseng exhibits an enterprise to be opposite current " exhibition of China International weighing apparatus " with confidence, sign up actively ginseng exhibit, make current weighing apparatus is exhibited can make scale the biggest, total exhibition area ratio " exhibition of weighing apparatus of 2007 China International " increase considerably.

The exhibition proceedings of a conferences of      current exhibition and " guideline of 2008 China weighing apparatus " , comprehensive introduction each ginseng extends the enterprise of the unit and product case.

    2008 year on April 22 morning  9:00  will hold exhibition opening ceremony. Welcome all circles friend to arrive at visiting guidance at the appointed time.

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