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The 5th China International machines science and technology of the industry that
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Showpiece time: 2008-9-11 applies for to end to 2008-9-13: Periodic: 1 year / establish time: Exhibit meeting object: The businessman exhibits meeting area: Home exhibits can exhibit meeting area: Shandong / Qingdao city specific address: Qingdao international exhibition center exhibits industry: Liquid fill holds a balance / ginseng of machine of outfit of other type fill extends range: Show range: Food of treatment of plastic treatment mould machines treatment science and technology liquid of brew of facilities of mechanical beer production and facilities of treatment of milk products of equipment of treatment of beverage treatment dairy products machines fast food to machine dressing to process the meat kind treatment of drug of health food of additive of raw material of food of machinery of treatment of treatment machinery cosmetic is mechanical:

Government of Qingdao city people undertakes square:

Association of the Qingdao city technology that pack assist do square:

of limited company of business affairs of Qingdao foreign trade exhibits meeting network address: Www.protec exhibits meeting specification:

Introduce: Science and technology of the industry of treatment of the 5th China International that pack exhibits Protec china on September 2008 11 - 13 days are hitting an international exhibition center to hold please. Current exhibit beer of conference ad hoc committee, beverage and liquid to pack equipment, treatment the package machine and automation equipment, plastic technology that pack and equipment and as long as equipment of the data of mechanical, medicine that pack 4 big board piece exhibit an area, item on display is involved spin food, beverage, home appliance, medicine, chemical industry, gently wait for much territory to machine package machine and equipment. Protec china was 2008 China packs an industry another important reveal communication platform.
City of    Shandong peninsula group it is our country the eastpart part one of coastal and main cities. It is Chinese north outspread Xiang Taiping's foreign leading edge, it is China is close to day, Han most the area of two Asias developed country, have 11 open haven, have open to the outside world advantagedly condition. At present of hill that does a base of modern manufacturing industry to develop the stress facility for transporting of product, medicine, chemical industry, traffic and information of mechanical, electron and home appliance and spin dress 5 big superior goods group. Qingdao regards peninsula area bibcock as the city. Of Protec china hold the development that will pack industry for Shandong peninsula to give positive effect.
  Protec china comes to those who pass oneself do for years exhibit a characteristic to get be admissived extensively inside course of study, the domestic and international well-known company that pack is taken an active part in, bring the world's banner technology that pack for professional audience. Sponsor 8 years high-end conference domain just will expand on this foundation, the theme involves PET to pack technology, automation to pack design, food to pack fill of beverage of diversity, beer to install a technology, add a dot to pack new trend, medicine to pack new technology to wait for conference of altar of much field theory. The China Qingdao Pace that the corresponding period holds pressworks exhibit also will reveal presswork advancedly equipment. Predicting exhibition area 25000 smooth rice.
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