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Oily high-quality goods of food of the 7th China reveals Fair to will be in at c
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Showpiece time: 2007-11-1 applies for to end to 2007-11-3: 2007-10-1 cycle: 1 year / establish time: Exhibit meeting object: The businessman exhibits meeting area: Home exhibits can exhibit meeting area: Jiangsu / specific address of the city that do not have stannum: Center of Nanjing international exhibition exhibits industry: Ginseng extend range: Current exhibit hand in of the meeting undertake the unit is. Sponsor square:

Branch of industry of food of stimulative commission of trade of center of communication of development of national commissariat bureau, China International undertakes square:

Trade of center of communication of development of national commissariat bureau, China closes to guild of commissariat of branch of meeting food industry, China, Jiangsu saves international of bureau of commissariat of city of commissariat bureau, Nanjing, Nanjing to exhibit exposition of center, Nanjing to discuss exhibition limited company to wait assist do square: Exhibit meeting network address: Exhibit meeting specification:

Carry out to accelerate " 915 " grain oil machines course of study to develop a program, the structural adjustment that accelerates grain oil to machine an industry and optimize upgrade, boost grain profound treatment industry and industrialization are managed, sponsor jointly by government of people of city of national commissariat bureau, Nanjing " oily high-quality goods of food of the 7th China reveals Fair " will be in center of Nanjing international exhibition to hold at coming 3 days on November 1, 2007.  
Oily high-quality goods of    China food reveals Fair, the brand that regards Chinese commissariat as the industry is exhibited meeting, since 1999, already succeeded in Dalian, Xiamen, Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Zhengzhou held 6. Rise from the 7th, exhibit hand in meeting general to walk along a brand to change stage by stage, specialization road, sponsor an unit to will be in maintain before on advantage foundation, realize constituent job 4 improve greatly:  
  is to draw lessons from domestic and international famous exhibit the successful experience of the meeting, hold what high-quality goods exhibits the ground, hold time and hold periodic and progressively stability;  
  2 it is to drive high-quality goods to exhibit an organization to undertake the job goes to specialization stage by stage, commercialize, socialization, strengthen with hold a city to be able to exhibit the management department, collaboration strength that holds place, famous meeting to exhibit a company;  
  3 it is the fundamental construction that aggrandizement high-quality goods postpones and thematic effect, form of ceaseless and rich content, innovation, increase join the constituent strength that exhibits business and commerce travelling merchant;  
  the 4 constituent strength that are the strength enrolling business that enlarges foreign ginseng to postpone a business and target travelling merchant, the imports and exports of oily product of high grade food of hurried our country. Begin from this year, every high-quality goods extends the theme that will machine course of study to develop a trend to differ certainly according to grain oil, the requirement that makes the content of each exhibition develops according to the industry emphasizes particularly on somewhat respectively, make join the organization that exhibits the job and activity more have a definite object in view, strive to innovate somewhat year after year, break through somewhat.  
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