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Exposition of metallurgical industry of international of Beijing of the 5th 200
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Showpiece time: 2008-9-24 applies for to end to 2008-9-28: 2008-9-28 cycle: 1 year / establish time: 2002 exhibits meeting object: The businessman exhibits meeting area: Home exhibits can exhibit meeting area: Beijing / Beijing the city zone is specific address: Beijing: Center of exhibition of new China International exhibits industry:   of other weighing apparatus / ginseng of other industry weighing apparatus extends range: Ginseng exhibit limits ★ metallurgy (iron and steel and nonferrous metal) ① technology and equipment: Furnace of mining, smelt, Lian Zhu, rolling mill, rolling, roller, drawing, finishing, galvanization, tin-plating, color coating, metallurgy, kiln and heating installation, cast, v, solder, heat treatment, metallurgy assists material handling of mechanical equipment and product, metallurgy (ore, coke and; ★ metallurgy detects reach automation: Measure Wen Yi, thickness gauge, measure wide appearance, measure fast appearance, infra-red analyzer, infra-red measure Wen Yi, nondestructive to detect machine of experiment of stuff of appearance of desired result of appearance of analysis of equipment, sclerometer, metallographic, chemical analysis, hot project, metal, sensor and transmission, labour accuses machine, ; ★ is carried with hot-working of Yu Ye gold, machining, stock, machine of bearing of dynamical drive, metallurgy, decelerate, cut off, weigh heavy, lubricant, hydraulic pressure, remove dust, finishing, have opportunity of fretsaw of furnace of kiln of heavy, electric, industry, burner, metal, ; ★ fireproof material: Processing technique of raw material and processing equipment, production reachs all sorts of equipment, fireproof material products; Technology of metallurgical industry environmental protection mixes ★ equipment and design and advisory service; Sponsor square:

Chamber of commerce of course of study of metallurgy of countrywide business association, chinese nonferrous metal learns, chinese Beijing machinist Cheng learns to undertake square:

of limited company of exhibition of trade of Beijing century beautiful assist do square:

Head steel group, lai overgrown with weeds is steely, limited company of group of northeast spy steel, taiyuan is steely (group) limited company exhibits meeting network address: Exhibit meeting specification:

Propagandist organization
1, call together main communal reach professional media to hold a press conference; 2, extend accumulated broad client network through doing for a long time, undertake be propagandisted domestic and internationally popularizing; 3, presswork entrance ticket tens of 10 thousand pieces, invitation counts a share, send group by group through the organizing committee toward global travelling merchant; 4, undertake propagandist puissant promotion in the round through TV, broadcasting station, newspaper, professional magazine, website; 5, the congener and professional exhibition that chooses to have dimensions and force domestic and internationally relatively undertakes promotion and audience are organized propagandist; 6, be stationed in through the foreign country China orgnaization (include diplomatic mission / association of chamber of commerce / all sorts of commerce are organized) undertake propagandist popularizing.
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