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2008 China (Chengdu) international is metric test instrument exhibition
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Showpiece time: 2008-3-28 applies for to end to 2008-3-30: 2008-2-29 cycle: 1 year / establish time: Exhibit meeting object: The businessman exhibits meeting area: Home exhibits can exhibit meeting area: Sichuan / the Chengdu City is specific address: New international exhibition center of Chengdu century city exhibits industry: Ginseng extend range: Geometrical measure: Micrometer of diameter of vernier calipers, inside and outside, dial gauge, dial gauge, large size measures measure, length and angle slip gauge; Quantity appearance: 3 coordinate measure machine, tool microscope, altitude meter, measure appearance of chief instrument, gradienter, angle, measuring projector, inductance to measure estimation of mechanical and scanner of appearance, surface roughness appearance, outline, metric, mass measure, force quantity, sclerometer quantity, capacity and densimeter; Weighing apparatus: On the ground judge, in the ground judge, orbit judge, balance of leather belt balance, condole balance, burden balance, batch scale, liquid, nuclear scale, stage, counter scale, axis, annulus the heavy balance, balance that pack, examine balance, say to weigh sensor, say to weigh appearance, say to weigh weight used on a balance; Civil 4 watches; Metric testing system, software; ◆ experiment machine: Machine of universal test machine, concussion experiment machine, hardness experiment machine, turn round testing machine, fatigue experiment, tensile test machine, dynamic concussion sponsors square:

Hall of Sichuan province science and technology undertakes square:

China checks technical academy
Project of machinery of the Chengdu City learns manage to spend metric chapter
Sichuan saves an analysis to check a society
Sichuan visits center of communication of science and technology assist do square:

Southwest is large and scientific instrument cooperation is common net
China checks technical magazine to exhibit meeting network address: Exhibit meeting specification:

Reach communication to be in domestic and internationally in recent years to reveal metric test instrument, weights and measures technique and the progress that serve a domain to obtain, drive southwest effectively the healthy and rapid development of metric test instrument and weights and measures technique, test of analysis of province of center of communication of science and technology of province of academy of technology of   China test, Sichuan, Sichuan learns to wait for unit general on March 28, 2008 ~ is combined 30 days in Chengdu hold ability of large and metric test to try art and analysis to measure instrument exhibition. At the appointed time, international of high administrative levels still will be held during the exhibition communication of science of metric test technology is met. Invite domestic and international metric test to the expert attends these meetings and make learning report.
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