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2008 the 10th Hua Na (Dongguan) international instrument appearance and automati
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Showpiece time: 2008-5-13 applies for to end to 2008-5-17: 2008-5-1 cycle: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: The businessman exhibits meeting area: Home exhibits can exhibit meeting area: Guangdong / Dongguan city specific address: Center of exhibition of Guangdong contemporary international exhibits industry: Ginseng extend range: [ad hoc special subject exhibits an area - SMT equipment / equipment of laser beam machining / wire cable and join / instrument appearance] A, electron yuan parts of an apparatus reachs complementary makings: Semiconductor (integrated circuit) , parts of an apparatus of transformer of car electron, electron and magnetic material, LED/LCD, photoelectricity and liquid crystal show, 23 pole series of canal, resistor, capacitance, transistor, relay, potentiometer and switch electrical outlet, filmy switch, circuit board, : The electron is general equipment, SMT equipment, automation line tool / equipment, solder equipment, solder without lead equipment, sirocco solders equipment, infra-red solder equipment, ultrasonic solders the equipment, welding torch, machine that nod glue, state decides machine, hot press, solder to nod instrument, solder rinsing equipment of technology, ultrasonic: The electron measures automation of instrument of appearance of intelligence of instrument, avometer, industry automation, communication, factory, environment test equipment, lab equipment, telescope, microscope, optical video measuring projector, analyzer, weighing apparatus, narrow measure, balancing machine, electron / dynamoelectric tool, . Cable of D, wire and mechanical equipment: Man knocks at entangled of Hui grand ⒌ ⒉ of acute hearing to fold flees  of cutting of the feet of river of a mythical bird like the phoenix of three-bristle cudrania of ⒐ of to fold of Mian of actor of Qian of Yun of smile of  of ⒃ of a huge legendary turtle of leisurely of  of the ⒘ that abandon to fold blocks Mu Xi bad Man to knock at  of leap up of common of ⒍ of  of Fu of the first month of ⒉ of  of Fu of  of  of float of Hui law uncut jade: Laser makes mark machine, solder the relevant product such as the equipment of laser beam machining such as machine of machine, gush code machine, engraving tool, cut sponsors square:

Appearance of instrument of the limited company of ball economy development of star of group of information of heavenly body international, Guangdong, China learns alliance of branch of area of extensive bead triangle to undertake square: Assist do square:

Guangzhou town report buys meeting exhibition to serve limited company to exhibit meeting network address: Exhibit meeting specification:

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