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The development trend of balance of electronic leather belt
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One, introductive

Balance of electronic leather belt is leather belt conveyer carries solid to come loose a kind of when undertake saying automatically to weigh continuously to stock in shape stock process metric equipment, a leather belt conveyer is measured to go up to be mixed through the instantaneous discharge of stock below the case that it can decide stock to flow in bos accumulate discharge.

1908, a youth of American Heerbaite Meilike (Herbert · Merrick) invented what belt conveyor of one seed coat uses to say to weigh equipment, according to saying that is skin of the first basis belt speed is spent and weight undertakes with mechanical method calculative trends says to weigh equipment, this one invention was changed completely original the method that measures solid stock flow. This kind of equipment according to discharge of stock of gravity survey solid is called later balance of leather belt of Meilike mechanical. Heerbaite Meilike established Meilike with this invention (Merrick) company, begin to produce leather belt level. We are in Germany Shen Ke (SCHENCK) the history of the company reviews a data in, ever saw " 1902, leather belt balance " annals of this paragraph of product, show this company had product of leather belt balance 1902, but did not see more detailed narration.

Abroad from on the century begins to use level of electronic leather belt the fifties " , home begins to develop level of manufacturing electron leather belt from 1965. At this late hour, although constitution of balance of nuclear leather belt, solid measures level of balance of type of flowmeter, impulse type flowmeter, weightlessness, rotor,wait for a variety of solid stock the application that successive and metric equipment also has certain dimensions, but they still cannot contend with balance of electronic leather belt, also cannot the position that balance of shake electron leather belt regards solid stock as to call heavy mainstream automatically metric equipment continuously.

The article will introduce the development existing state of affairs of balance of electronic leather belt from the following respects: 2 sensor, balance wearing, appearance, installation, calibrating and experiment.

2, sensor

The sensor of balance of electronic leather belt includes those who measure weight of instantaneous of the stock on balance wearing to say to weigh the sensor, displacement sensor that measures leather belt journey (weigh those who measure leather belt speed to measure again fast sensor) , the obliquitous sensor that measures leather belt dip and measure leather belt relatively. When dip of leather belt conveyer is changeless, the product that calls heavy sensor and displacement sensor two signal is the instantaneous discharge of stock; When dip of leather belt conveyer may be changed, the signal that the instantaneous discharge of the stock that calls heavy sensor and displacement sensor earnings of two signal product wants to use obliquitous sensor undertakes correction; Positional sensor is to use buy of counterpoint of photograph of affirmatory leather belt.
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