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How to use and maintenance of electronic weighing
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Use and maintenance of electronic weighing methods: First, before starting to check whether the goods weighing platform, the sensor signal cable is properly connected with the instrument, the scale body sway is flexible. Second, connect the power, to the instrument to warm up (15-30 minutes) to observe the instrument self-test are normal. Third, the weighing, the goods shall gently as pos sible, the middle of the goods placed on the weighing platform, overweight cargo, vehicles are not allowed on the scale. Fourth, when the truck scale weighing, platform scales should slow down, not allowed to slam the brakes on stage in the scale. Fifth, weighing timely completion of the goods, car removal, can not long remain in the scale platform, to avoid pressure damage to the sensor long. Six, weighing disabled, should be turned off, unplug the power plug; rain thunder when disabled, to avoid damage to instrumentation and sensors by lightning. VII, regular cleaning of scale between the body and base and around the foreign body and dust, to prevent foreign body catching with the scale, resulting in weighing not allowed.

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