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Computer of electronic weighing apparatus runs a system
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Number: Producing area: Chengdu
The price: 8000 RMBs of 3000 ~ / cover norms:
Brief specification: The card of P C pound of our company and development of professional institute combination and call serious management the system, be in a person of the same trade at present banner level.

Introduce in detail:
Can pound of unit of date of the metric data that lay aside output controls 10 years and date, time, car, model, contact, the name of an article, department member, weight of gross weight, suttle, accumulative total.
Can ask according to controller, consult output of all kinds forms for reporting statistics.
The system moves below W INDOWS platform, mouse operation, step by step clew, operator needs to input car date only, other relies on to choose to operate can.
Fast, reliable network is transmitted.
Collect fees according to differring to be printed weight, time, automatically amount.
No matter whether operate the computer, make out an invoice, all prevent time of weigh of can automatic keep in storage, weight, amount, effectively cogged.

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