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Leather belt balance
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Number: ICS producing area: Shanxi
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Brief specification: Balance of leather belt of ICS series electron is my company the good qualities of balance of integrated domestic and international of all kinds leather belt. Its function index achieves national level GB/T7721-1995 in the round, have accuracy tall, stability good, installation method of convenient, calibration is advanced wait for an advantage

Introduce in detail:
1, balance wearing structure is simple, without the auxiliary orgnaization that send force, the factor that affects metage accuracy is little, installation go up at the spot, between next leather belt, do not take up dimensional height, installation is convenient.
2, say heavy sensor uses hermetically sealed processing, moistureproof and anticorrosive performance is good, install suffer at be in inside balance wearing beam draw position, systematic stability is good, and do not get exterior water, dust corrupt the influence that reachs stock accumulation.

3, fulcrum is used without attrition trunnion bearing, degree of linearity is good, comfortable use at be below all sorts of harsh environments.
4, appearance has waterproof, dustproof good performance, the function is all ready, automatic zero, semi-automatic zero, number amends demarcate of self check of calibration of span, electron, breakdown, number, power cut to maintain (5 years can maintain below normal circumstance) , tired heavy far pass, the function such as the communication that print.

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