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Electronic balance is cogged and main have the following kinds of technique
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The near future, disappear appoint receive many consumer to say about the electron short jin little of two complain, the pedlar of a few be blinded by gain entraps in trick of the deceive on electronic balance consumer. For this, disappear appoint submit to especially broad consumer attention, electronic balance is cogged and main have the following kinds of technique:
It is the law that pay part. The balance is not put smooth forbid. To entrap client, some pedlar put the table intentionally inclined, or it is to use body of balance of block up of coin, chipboard one horn, cause be short of jin little 2.
2 it is to connect dish offer a way. Pedlar does not put scale on the balance of purpose, when waiting for a client to shop, press on after monovalent number, will put the scale that has merchandise to be put on the balance again metric, the weight of knot compote also became the weight of commodity, computation is in money paid for something purchased or received for something sold.
3 it is to remain way of the truth of a matter. The caption when empty balance should be entirely 0, but the base number with have some of pedlar to store first in the number of left weight however fixed, when the client shops, the truth of a matter that stores first then, also bought commodity to be calculated along with all the others with respect to along with place money paid for something purchased or received for something sold.
4 it is concussion law. Throw goods heavily when empty balance into scale, wallop makes the weight number of the balance is in flashy be increased by factitious ground, when waiting for a client to return future to must reach scrutiny, pedlar is swift-handed the mouth already took commodity quickly, immediately signs up for bid fund.
5 it is block caption law. Before some pedlar pile the content such as commodity intentionally the caption screen at electronic balance, make the shopper sees the unit price on not clear caption, next weight of talk irresponsible, random newspaper and amount.

6 technologies are cogged law, like 1. Add outfit remote controller, although this kind of method is in the ground pound (car judge) go up commonner, but also be used in a lot of illegal pedlar! 2. Change IC material, the operation is simple, consumer thinks merchant is to inputting the price, actually he had changed the weight of the object through keypad! 3. Add outfit concealment small key-press, touch through be being touched simply, make weight soars!

Go up in the balance to prevent a few operator cogged, harm oneself interest, consumer can take balance of a portable dial to regard as when shop metric monitor; OK still weigh a string of key that takes to allow weight, write down in the heart, when the balance that suspects seller has a problem, can serve as standard standard code to undertake detecting to the balance with this string of key. Anyhow, once discover the metric and cogged act of individual operator, should inform against in time to concerned branch complain.
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