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Large weighing apparatus detects the method is discussed
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One, of the problem put forward

The concept of 1. large weighing apparatus
The demand that in producing process as industrial economy in recent years, estimates to producing quality rises, ask in working procedure of a few keys a few special weighing apparatus, be in especially metallurgy, petrifaction, coal a few industries, large weighing apparatus already developed a few tons by metage reach hundreds of tons, specific place still has on the load quantity of kiloton. In the meantime, content sorts the rapid development of course of study, especially of the freeway gain ground ceaselessly, highway transportation course of study also gets rising accordingly, the traffic of every car already exceeded car of big tonnage carring capacity 100 tons. Such about a hundred tons cars judge, hundreds of tons orbit judge, balance of hundreds of tons overhead traveling crane, car holds a balance, and go up the hopper of kiloton (coal tub) balance also emerge as the times require.
Large weighing apparatus already was made at present come out, already devoted moved, its accuracy how? Some telling it is normal to move, some telling say not clear. Investigate its reason is did not detect accordingly method, make maker is told twice with the person that use thereby not clear.

2. detects at present condition
As a result of long-term since the country builds respect undercapitalize in metric foundation, create class of a few counties the standard appliance of metric calibrating unit is not worth badly, stations of a lot of weighing apparatus calibrating have the little weight that 5 ~ control 20kg 10 tons only. It is the car check that provincial town also controls 30 tons only namely judge car. Comparatively a few have independent calibrating the oversize enterprise of authority duty, its detect the method compares all ready, not only ton of class weight used on a balance that has certain amount, still what stabilize quite replace content.
Will tell to special weighing apparatus, standard implement sufficient it is a problem, another problem is the standard is put when detecting implement the position. Great majority is special because weighing apparatus is used the influence of spot space, cannot design beforehand put a standard implement orgnaization, this also is formed must consider special detect methodological reason.

3. standard implement carry a problem
It is the standard weight used on a balance that had sufficient amount namely, whether can you detect conveniently a large weighing apparatus? Assemble and unassemble besides what should consider these weight used on a balance besides the problem, the carriage of weight used on a balance also should be treated seriously. It is besides transport costs, carriage security is to restrict weight cannot the main problem of line-haul. Because weight used on a balance must be secured inside railroad car, ton it is easy that class weight used on a balance compares kilogram of class weight used on a balance relatively a few fixedder. But because there is special fixed position inside the railroad car of average car,wear, very incidental in carriage process displacement, cause car to slant thereby carry, produce to turn over.
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