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The calibrating scale division value of digital directive balance and indication
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Very much use unit is purchasing a number to indicate a level (the following abbreviation: Weighing apparatus) when, scale division value of easy and promiscuous calibrating and indication scale division value. Should regard the weighing apparatus of indication scale division value as after the weighing apparatus of calibrating scale division value is bought, often can discover metage error is very big calibrating is unqualified also at the same time. Offer from this, need both sides to produce contradictory, each branch oneself see, what be in an unfavorable situation finally often is to need square. How to choose weighing apparatus scale division value correctly? The hope is passed summarize below, make wide ambassador uses an unit to have an accurate knowledge with indication scale division value to calibrating scale division value, so that the choice has the weighing apparatus of appropriate scale division value.

One: A few technologies with medium JJG-539-97 of regulations of weighing apparatus calibrating ask.

1: Accuracy grade: The accuracy cent of weighing apparatus is 2 class. Specific following watches:

In accuracy

Common accuracy

2: Calibrating scale division value:

The calibrating scale division value of weighing apparatus and actual (show) scale division value is equal

Namely: E (calibrating scale division value) =d (indication scale division value)

3: The grade of the balance:

The relation of number of graduation of the calibrating scale division value that concerns with accuracy grade, calibrating and the smallest metage sees next tables:

Accuracy grade
Calibrating scale division value
Calibrating divides degree: N=Max/e
The smallest metage


The smallest *
The biggest

In (Ⅲ )





Common (Ⅳ )

Note: *: Rotten to shirk gallops the astounded that catch sprain 〖 of wetting plutonium of some cherry  at ǚ brother's son ” of Ⅲ of?rdquo; of benevolence   , n=1000; To ” Ⅳ ” , n=400

4: Of the balance the biggest allow an error: See next tables

The biggest allow an error
MpeM expresses with E of calibrating scale division value


500 < M≤2000
50 < M≤200

2000 < M≤10000
200 < M≤1000

2: From above a few technologies ask to be able to get a verdict: Of weighing apparatus actual (show) scale division value and calibrating scale division value are equal. But as software technology rise, the weighing apparatus with unequal both often can appear on the market at present, namely E≠d. The person that make use thereby is promiscuous use, how will understand correctly: = of scale division value of calibrating of the “ in commonly used weighing apparatus is the at present biggest metage / 3000” (E=Max/3000) , namely calibrating graduation number is 3000. But it is OK to show minute of degree is highest now on the market accomplish 60000 (have 5000 commonly, 6000, 7500, 10000, 15000, 20000, 30000) . Make clear on the nameplate of weighing apparatus only: “e=d” this is calibrating graduation number shows graduation is counted namely otherwise.
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