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Electronic weighing apparatus and interference rejection measure are discussed
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As the development of electronic product, electronic weighing apparatus also receives more wide application. Current, my company has ten to cover electronic weighing apparatus. Use in its in, often can appear various unusual appearances, the quality problem of equipment is a respect, what cause as a result of interference and ground connection is unusual also be a problem that nots allow to ignore, serious when the damage that causes equipment possibly: Component of electron of attaint of be struck by lightning, ground connection is bad the drift that creates indication numerical value, this needs us from come up at all the analysis solves interference this one problem.
One, main interference and restrain a technology

1, electrical interference: Electrical interference often appears with the form of surge, be like the inductive charge that introduces on thunder or power supply cord. It can cause fuse to break, damage the circuit that print board, damage bridge-type commutator to wait. A whole ground connection system is having favorable protective effect to the interference of power source. Ground connection system is good, can reduce the loss that breakdown brings, systematic ground connection can rise to prevent action effectively to this kind of breakdown.

2, alternating current interference: Alternating current interference may damage yuan of parts of an apparatus and microprocessor. To alternating current source, voltage should not exceed 0  2V between 0 lines and ground wire, its ground wire should be received go up in ground connection picket. Best to this kind of interference method is good ground connection and the stabilized voltage source that use pair of interference to have filter wave effect.

3, inductive interference: Inductive interference is destroy magnetic field place to arise by inductance, this interference appears with pointed tall voltage form, it should be gotten high than original voltage much, this pointed voltage can cause all sorts of trouble, cause permanent harm to equipment. It basically is behaved for radiate of field of coupling of sex of capacitance sex coupling, inductance, electromagnetism 3 kinds of forms, basically cause to circuit in all the interference of modular form. Overcoming electric field coupling to violate the most efficient way is screen. When coupling of screen electric field is disturbed, the screen layer of lead had better not two end join local line is used, because be when electric current of annulus having the land, this will form magnetic field in screen layer, disturb by the lead of screen. Should nod screen layer sheet ground connection, the either that chooses it commonly carries ground connection. The way that controls magnetic field interference is screen interference source. But use them guide magnetism material screen rises to be accomplished very hard, the inhibition that reason can use a few passivity only technology, be far from interference source, want to avoid parallel to take a line as far as possible at the same time.
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