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Self check of breakdown of electronic weighing apparatus
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1. does not have show: Whether the batteries inside machine is owed pressure cause close automatically machine (have inside buy batteries machine is planted)
Voltage of alternating current source whether fuse of as indicative as the product voltage conform to whether fusing (use communication electric machinery is planted)
2. cannot charge: Melt does Jian entangled blow Miao reason to owe Ti argon  numerous does thirsty of Zhang of O of  of Ku of melon of Miao of bright lens male owe Pan Po to hope intermediary of ㄊ A Chinese-style unlined garment melt Zheng of Jian black  ?
3. number is jumpy: Ling of  of apricot ζ condyle is owed corrupt have a nightmare of wine of allow of postscript of Ku of ζ of personal enzymatic apricot owes feeling of Qia Piao? to measure a setting to whether pass small, whether is AD changeover rate installed exorbitant, whether oscillatory, wind is blown wait for interference, whether does balance stage touch the thing that touch 異 .
4. is linear not beautiful: Owe Yang of Zhun apricot ζ ;
5. cannot print: " fade of Dun  noise owes reading of? of  of crotch shaddock mystery whether stable, stable sign is bright, imprint whether has watch machine inserted even the line, imprint whether is watch Electromechanical source opened, imprint watch machine is online (only 24 needles imprint watch machine)
6. cannot cumulative: Huan care basketry does pen of aurelian  of Huan of clumsy of word of lot of the Qi that owe Tiao owe Cheng discuss?
7. cannot carry serial port news report: Head of ⑺ of ⒎ of ㄌ Mi province wrings capture shaddock Meng to owe  thing full front of a Chinese gown?RS-232C connects line contact good, whether does RS-232C grow even the line too
8. switchs on the mobile phone not to clear: Zhui of far  Cui paragraph  owes stage of balance of? of  of crotch shaddock mildew to go up to whether have article.
9. hand moves clear invalid: Zhui of Cui of brother's son  paragraph  owes current reading of? of  of crotch shaddock mildew to whether be stabilized
10. cannot the balance is heavy: Ling of  of apricot ζ condyle owes Ju to feed? to whether pass demarcate (corrective machine plants wired sex must undertake linear first corrective)
Whether is 11. entered with super user code (software protection machine is planted) , whether short circuit is corrective jump line (machine of lead sealing protection is planted) .
After 12. uninstalls, do not clear: Meng of shaddock of in the company of of lot post  owes stage of balance of burying  ? to whether be touched touch an eyewinker.
13. is in a poor light invalid: Current weight of? of Hui of die young of the red that owe Song is little measure at the smallest balance.
14. check disables again: Thirsty of nose pa Qi owes Jian § to crouch check of? of plutonium 〕 Yong to bleat again whether open.
15. switchs on the mobile phone bleat: Owe inductor of? of Pi of  of  climbing over a wall to connect a line in good condition, whether to install check to weigh.
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