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How balance of valuation of electron of choose and buy
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The electronic valuation balance that sells on the market at present, its accuracy grade is (III) class (3 class) balance, indication graduation number is 3000 graduation commonly, its are the smallest what level of ground of scale division value measures volume is different, scale division value of the the electronic valuation balance of 15 Kg, smallest graduation is 5g; Scale division value of the the electronic valuation balance of 6kg, smallest graduation is 2g; Scale division value of the the electronic valuation balance of 3 Kg, smallest graduation is 1g. Should notice in the choose and buy:
1, electronic valuation balance is different from other product, balance of production electron valuation must have the company ability of corresponding production licence to be produced quite, otherwise, belong to illegal production, the product of the manufacturer that has production license has the number of CMC. Buy the electronic valuation level of normal manufacturer, should have sign of production licence CMC, the exterior wants neat.
2, after electrify, below empty balance and balance quantity condition the number shows should stabilize (not bat an eyelid) .
3, bolt by every function key and number, observe whether the contact is good, the function is correct.
4, uses what about 1/3 the largest scale measures heavy thing is put at balance mesa 1/4 (balance mesa equational 4) inside limits, observation nods a number to show each consistent. Take the heavy thing that approachs capacity of the largest scale, repeat to load 3 times, observe whether each frequency word is consistent.
5, if use the standard weight used on a balance that the largest scale measures to be put at balance mesa conditionally,go up, check the accuracy of electronic valuation balance.
6, because electronic valuation balance is the metrological implement of legal management, place of city weighing apparatus should send calibrating before using.

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