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Fork-lift truck says to weigh a system
This product is the dynamic and metric equipment with a kind of high precision; But brick of mine of metage coal or anxious carbon, coloured, cubic meter of earth, granite or marble, sand, clastic rock, industry and civil rubbish, mining material number and housing materials add feed in raw material to wait. Mix by hydraulic pressure sensor call heavy appearance composition, raise voice completely metric, unit process of cargo bandling need not intervene artificially, automatic accumulative total, say heavy appearance is adjustable assist breed of the member that complete Chinese information is like unit of measurement, weigh, goods, can print directly, precision error is controallable in 1 % , no matter entrance, homebred the fork-lift truck of all sorts of model all can lade installation
The function reachs a characteristic

Use sensor of double hydraulic pressure and precision of converter of high accuracy A/D taller.
Use human nature to change a design, after information setting ends, say heavy process is whole from accumulative total, need not operate artificially.
Use liquid crystal of 240×128 lattice big screen to display screen, indication clarity.
Clew of complete Chinese menu and Chinese help news
Tian of complete Chinese phoneticize, sort of name of importable aleatoric unit, goods, weigh member wait for information and print.
Adjustable assist automatic buy 0 or the hand changes place 0
Appearance is in a poor light show, sap of convenient night occasional is used.
Optional outfit does not have buy of traditional thread binding, can move from the management center read call heavy accumulative total information.

Balance of electronic leather belt

Functional characteristic
1, the structure is simple, force delivers link little, installation forthright is convenient;
2, distinctive rectangular lever, tigidity is good, without deformation;
3, without grind bearing of trunnion resembling glue, anticorrosion, moistureproof, resist vibration;
3, fight side force, fight horizontal component of force, reduced leather belt effectively sideslip and fall the makings deflection influence to systematic precision;
4, two metage sensor suffers slant carry an influence small, balance, precision is tall;
5, 17A metage area is vast, the impact that quadruplet bearing roller makes leather belt semmetry heavy is the least;
6, 17B bearing roller, call heavy division the 1/2 of 17 A, apply to give makings distance contact of shorter leather belt conveyer: Mr Wang Yabo (manager)
Word of electric   : 13523414448
Place area: Henan · Zhengzhou
The  that pass  is true: 0371-69191388
Location of ground   : Road of core of business affairs of Zheng Dongxin region Olympic edifice C 2 unit 1302 rooms
The  that mail  makes up: 450008
Company homepage: Http://
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