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Supply movable type car judge, appearance of gross ril load
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Car of movable type electron judge

Car of movable type electron judge characteristic:
Need not found, not tall to area demand, can move quickly to appoint the position, be in 10 minutes in the installation that finish, have accurate check jin. Balance annulus uses elevator form, can be in need not when rise, when using, put down, portable. Balance stage uses combination of aid of firm soft posture, the realized big metage overload ability that exhausts utmost gets used to degree with what ask to the ground. Bring slope to use technology of pontoon of for military use, with call a stage close together union, can retroflexion when shift over the mesa of the balance, move in order to facilitate. Appearance considers a car judge mobile characteristic, deserve to high capacity reserves so batteries, deliver direct current amphibious, can work to come 3 days when power cut. Appearance deserves to miniature printer function can be printed come triplex the pound is weak, pound odd content includes time, date, gross weight, suttle, empty weight, can print day of forms for reporting statistics.

Portable electron car judge, car of dynamic portable electron judge

Main characteristic
1, ultrathin, super- light, carry convenient;
2, operation of clew of complete Chinese menu
3, take printer of miniature high speed oneself, but also outside receive printer;
4, overload calls the police, low pressure hints, charge protection;
5, data stores oneself, can receive news report with computer couplet;
6, can deserve to receive standard computer clavier, the operation is convenient.
The system is main performance data
3 class of   of   of   of   of metric precision   (static state)
1—20t of gross ril load of   of   of   of   of metage limits  
  of   of   of   of   of working temperature   - 10~60 ℃
  of   of   of   of   of opposite temperature   ≤90%R. .H
Sheet annulus calls   of   of heavy mesa dimension 720mm*420mm
Sheet annulus calls heavy stage self-prossessed   (2 or 4 call heavy stage a system)
Ramp is self-prossessed 25kg of   of   of   of      

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