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Steel bottle balance is the special electron balance that waits for gas storage of bottle of industry metage steel to measure to use ammonia of liquid state chlorine, liquid state to enrage. Use extensively at printing and dyeing of chemical industry, tap water, spin, pesticide to make wait for gas of chlorine of industry metage liquid state, ammonia to wait for bottle of gas storage steel, bracket of bottle of balance stage steel can go to the lavatory steel bottle is rotational.

2t of the biggest metage

Contain what can turn to rotate bracket

Integral frame, mobile and convenient

Structure simple, installation, safeguard convenient, precision tall, long-term stability is good

Hydraulic pressure carries car level

Hydraulic pressure carries car level

Main characteristic:
The structure is strong, position of the random on balance stage all metage is accurate

Balance stage dimension:



The biggest metage: 1t, 2t, 2.5t

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