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Supply say to weigh management to say software, automatically to weigh a system
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The type says to weigh
Unit computer is controlled
Unit car is automatic
Identify unit car discrepancy
Dominate big screen of unit monitoring unit
Indication sheet
Judge computation
Machine Ups,
The blame such as machine is received
Hit formulaIc blocks Ic card
Read write
Implement feeling of path explain ground
Coil signal
The lamp is faced inspect
Implement infra-red
Say basically to weigh a system••••
Call serious management automatically systematic I
Call serious management automatically systematic II••••••••
Call serious management automatically systematic III•••••••••
Prevent cogged and automatic call serious management systematic I••••••••••
Prevent cogged and automatic call serious management systematic II••••••••••
Unmanned value defends intelligence to change say to weigh a system•••••••••••
Note: • matchs • to choose for mark
Call serious management basically the system:
1, say heavy data is handled oneself, say to weigh every time but car date, time of weigh of side of unit of goods name, freight, driver, gross weight, suttle, pass in and out and department pound member wait for information to record in computer, data is true and reliable.
2, say heavy result can inquire, can press car date, time limits, department pound member, goods member, the inquiry such as the driver said to weigh a record in the past, can combine inquiry arbitrarily, can inquire by means of running water account or second card type inquires sheet, inquire the job is special forthright, convenient, computer shows be clear at a glance.
3, say heavy record can be printed, the format of sheet of the pound that print and forms for reporting statistics can be installed.
4, say heavy record can back up, data storage life is long.
5, different operation limits of authority, can be operated or inquire different content, responsibility fulfils a person, arrest a person cogged.

1, say heavy data is deposited in same inside the database, make the data that handles an aspect each OK share. The member that go out to drill in the net can take relevant data according to his attributive.
2, the loaded vehicle of the car or empty wagons say to be able to be in again random a car judge aspirant travel. Make metric job becomes go to the lavatory and simple.
3, produce and attemper the branch can leave on the net attemper odd or plan of goods of pass in and out is single, department pound personnel can get working instruction at any time, make the administrative job of goods pass in and out more convenient.
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