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Explosion proof and intrinsically safe electronic weighing the difference betwe
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Flameproof or intrinsically safe thermocouple and thermocouple assembly is basically the same principle, the difference is that the proof or intrinsically safe products junction box (housing) is designed to use explosion-proof special structure, high strength aluminum junction box alloy die-casting And have sufficient internal space, wall thickness and mechanical strength, thermal stability of the rubber seals are in line with national standards for explosion proof. So, when the junction box inside the explosion of an explosive mixture will not damage the internal pressure then Junction box, but the resulting heat can not spread out of a booster. As the product using the special structure of the proof, so that products fully comply with the D Ⅱ BT4 to D Ⅱ CT6, IB Ⅱ BT4, IA Ⅱ BT4, IA Ⅱ CT6 range of explosion-proof type, as long as the user strict compliance with product specification, product Explosion-proof and reliable results can be achieved.
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