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Little knowledge of electronic weighing apparatus
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Little knowledge of electronic weighing apparatus
Guideline of electronic balance choose and buy: (1) weigh article according to place: The article with economic high value should choose the level with high definition (the balance that says gold wants to choose 0.1mg, the valuation balance that says the egg can choose 1/3000 precision is OK) . (2) use metage according to place: If often weigh a few kilograms article, the platform balance that can choose 100 kilograms (the heavy value of a quantity that often says should be in the median of the biggest metage is best) . The sensor of attaint of too small conference of the choice, cause needless pecuniary loss; Of the choice too congress makes say to forbid again truly, affect metric accuracy. (3) the basis uses a function: If need the amount of computational article, in order to choose enumerated (stage / case) balance; The goods that ration packs can be chosen plan heavy (stage / case) balance.

Electronic balance uses general knowledge: (1) electronic balance is by the gravity that says heavy sensor feels the external world, convey the electric signal of changeover to electronic circuit again. Do not pass power when saying to weigh, especially the balance of small metage, the article that weighs should take put down gently gently, lest damage sensor. (2) should time accumulator charges, it is OK to fill 12 hours or so commonly (time cannot grow too) , make electronic balance has stable working voltage, make raise the accuracy that says to weigh. (3) electronic balance had better be used in dry and ventilated environment (waterproof balance except) , because, sensor and electronic component permanent worker make the meeting in the environment in moisture shorten service life, bring pecuniary loss to you. (4) what electronic balance interior uses is expensive operation A/D and sheet piece Electromechanical road, weigh to make you say accurate, should be far from strong electromagnetism to violate a source, be like (electric welder, electric drill, magnet, large electromotor) wait.

The maintenance of balance stage: Of balance stage all around must not have the foreign body such as cobble, often should be checked and clear spacing clearance is reasonable. Prohibit undertaking on balance stage arc welding works stoutly, lest damage sensor. If have,cannot be seeper below balance stage should clear in time, damp meeting shortens the service life of sensor and lead, accelerate ageing to bring about the happening of all sorts of breakdown. Each join of balance stage should tighten solid to secure bolt (brush antirust paint every year) .

Use little knowledge:
(1) use stage / should place when counter scale smooth (as far as possible level) , 4 feet tone is firm, such meetings make the weight that weigh out exact.
(2) use first everyday, after switching on the mobile phone first warm-up a few minutes, watch whether short report, try press scale to whether be stabilized neatly.
(3) logical choice uses precision, because, precision crosses tall meeting distinguish to be not stabilized, had better use leave factory the value with good set. (4) balance of use high accuracy, change the position wants to undertake calibration afresh every time, workbench should the level is solid, the operation wants light.
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