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How reasonable choose an electron weighing apparatus and say to weigh appearance
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The convenience of weighing apparatus of     electron is used already alled over at each industries, already got extensive use. It not only those who have high accuracy is metric, and realized muti_function, multipurpose. At present home produced the manufacturer of electronic weighing apparatus to already developed hundreds, main with non-automati weighing apparatus and automatic weighing apparatus are given priority to.
Weighing apparatus of     electron already the introduced a technology to enter proper motion development and design period from in the past, use Yu Fei especially the weighs heavy indication controller development advance rapidly of respect of automatic weighing apparatus.
Cent of hair of     weighing apparatus is automatic weighing apparatus and non-automati weighing apparatus two kinds big, and the uses generally dispute on the market is automatic weighing apparatus. It basically is used at respect of trade close an account, also be the electronic weighing apparatus with masses most contact, platform balance of the electronic valuation level that uses generally among them for example, electron and electronic car judge; Automatic weighing apparatus is general commonner pack a balance to wait at the burden balance of the industrial and mining enterprises, ration.
Weighing apparatus of     electron basically is by say to show controller again, say to weigh the part such as sensor and electric equipment control to comprise, reasonable choose say to show controller is mixed again saying to weigh sensor is a decision the key that this factory character measures, it decided the parameter such as the precision of the balance, dependability and breakdown factor.
Weighing apparatus of electron of how reasonable choose and buy mixes     calling heavy indication controller this is the problem that the user cares most.
    one, the choose and buy of electronic weighing apparatus
Its accuracy class is the weighing apparatus that     sells on the market at present (III) grade level, indication graduation is 3000 graduation commonly, its are the smallest the volume that level of ground of scale division value measures differs to 50 Kg from 1g, (for example the electronic valuation balance of 15 Kg its are the smallest graduation scale division value is 5g) .
    is when the choose and buy: It is like the electronic valuation balance with 15 Kg exemple; 1, in empty balance condition falls and the number below condition of quantity of the largest scale all shows stability (not bat an eyelid) ; 2, the weight used on a balance that measures with 1/3 the largest scale (or the clog that approximates this cost) put at balance mesa 1/4 (balance mesa equational 4) the test inside limits nods a number to whether agree each; 3, if take the standard weight used on a balance that the largest scale measures to be put on balance mesa conditionally,check its accuracy; 4, take the standard weight that approachs capacity of the largest scale (or the clog that approximates this cost) repeat to load 3 times, check each frequency word to whether agree; 5, press each function key, check each function key to whether be contacted good, whether to achieve a goal;
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