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Say to weigh metric technical terms
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Kilogram of     international former implement: It is 39mm of a diameter, the cylinder of tall 39 Mm, it is You Hanbo 90% and contain iridium composition of cylinder of 10% platiniridium alloy, density is 21.5g/cm3 about, it is international Weights and Measures Bureau (BIOM) international is fiducial kilogram former implement. It deposits the headquarters of the international Weights and Measures Bureau that is in Paris, all and metric measurement should trace to the source this kilogram former implement.
The kilogram of     our country works former implement: All sorts of weight used on a balance of domestic other, all by this kilogram former implement chase class to be delivered downward. NO60 quality is ± 0.008mg of 1kg + 0.27mg, NO64 quality is 1kg + 0.25mg ± 0.0023mg.
Span of    1 graduation: Point to indication span and diploid scale, graduation span numerical value can choose the following numerical value only 1, 2, 5 medium certain.
   2 shows span: Point to to the poor value between two reading is linked together on monitor, also call scale division value.
   3 incentive voltage: Point to the voltage that offers sensor of resistance strain type of drive of in order to by monitor.
Sensor of    4 resistance strain type: Sensor of resistance strain type is the part that one kind will get power or weight changeover becomes voltage.
   5 maximum Cheng: Point to design for monitor (skip decimally hind) the greatest numerical value that can indicate.
   6 scale division value: The weight of correspondence of place of each minutes of scale is worth.
   7 resolution: Point to maximum Cheng and the scale of indication span.
   8 is self-prossessed: Point to bear the weight of implement the output voltage that the weight of itself makes sensor of resistance strain type arises.
   9 balance measures span: Point to say heavy display unit is right of the balance bear the weight of implement the value that the change of unit level weight that go up indicates, also namely the span that common weighs.
   10 tare: The weight that stage of packing, balance, balance fights.
   11 is suttle: The weight of the stock that be measured.
   12 gross weight: The balance that pack reachs the gross weight of stock.
   13 flay: The weight that fights balance platform balance serves as 0, although weighing apparatus does not add the weight when load,call flay.
   14 fall (weight) : The orgnaization of feed in raw material that controls weighing apparatus is when feed in raw material, stock falls continuously into the balance to fight or balance stage, once add glassware to stop, as a result of inertial the balance is entered after reaching height to differ some stock to be able to be followed inside, the weight of this share stock is fall.
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