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What are the content that the cargo measures and action?
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    cargo measures abbreviation, the bulk that is goods of pair of imports and exports, weight undertakes measure is mixed judge heavy, the bulk tonnage that gets shipment thing (with 1m  3 for 1 measurement ton) with weight tonnage (with gross weight 1000 kilogram are 1 weight ton) . Bulk tonnage is gotten with the full feet measure of goods commonly, weight tonnage is the gasket that contains goods, pack, the gross weight of bundle up content.
Condition of     discrepancy examines quarantine orgnaization and national discrepancy condition examine the inspection agency that quarantine bureau appoints concerns by carrier or foreign trade the person's application, undertake measuring to exporting goods, issue a cargo to measure certificate, calculate for carrier plan of loading of transport costs, formulate and understand the basis that passes plan tax as abroad. Some export goods, foreign buyer is assessment transport costs or computation enters a storehouse inn hires cost, the requirement proves to speak the volume of commodity, can apply measure alone, sign and issue measure certificate for its. 
    imports goods, home receives goods to receive carry branch to whether sign up for big ton to assess abroad with money unit or representative, the fault calculates freight, can apply for to measure, sign and issue for its measure certificate, according to with dealing with claim for compensation to abroad.

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