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Difference of Ou of electronic balance horn adjusts
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Horny Ou needs the definition with electronic balance
Electronic balance, electronic counter scale, electronic platform balance and portable smooth platform balance, they basically use parallel Liang Shi to say to weigh sensor.
Use the aluminium alloy that low stretch standard measures or stainless steel data for the most part, cent is: Pane parallel bridge; Double aperture makes the same score a bridge; Double accuse parallel bridge repeatedly; 5 aperture make the same score a bridge; Single empty parallel roof beam; Amlposition parallel bridge.
In project of appraisal of electronic weighing apparatus, the appraisal that having is horny Ou difference (1/3 is the biggest metage) , their mutual difference cannot be more than appraisal allow to differ (of standard metage losing a D) , its function index affects the accuracy of metage directly. Electronic counter scale / 4 actor of Cheng Zaiqi of appraisal of platform balance requirement are poor, divide the pan of a steelyard on average into from the center namely 4 wait for a portion, 1/3 the standard weight used on a balance of the biggest metage is added respectively put, the error of indication should be checked in allow in. Platform balance and other weighing apparatus should detect the Ou of many horn is poor (detect with a few sensor a few actor are poor) .
Electronic counter scale / platform balance place uses call heavy sensor principle and structure: Use double aperture basically to make the same score a bridge; Double accuse parallel bridge repeatedly; 5 aperture make the same score a bridge; The structure of single empty parallel roof beam.
The precision of sensor is taller, its horn difference is less. Of course, the sensor with again tall precision can have certain horny error, when this needs to be debugged in installation, undertake debugging to sensor (file horn) , the sensitive place that is corresponding to its blind aperture undertakes rest and reorganization (have certain law) . Quadrilateral indication code and standard code are more adjacent, the definition that should say is higher.

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