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The special application that industry says to weigh a technology to go up in lif
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One, the applied history that says to weigh a technology to go up in lifting appliance

Lifting appliance is one kind undertakes rising rising to stock with intermittent work way, drop and the level carries equipment mobily. While to make lifting appliance is having operation, be over to be aed string of 1 in couples of stock say to weigh, people came into being to assemble the idea that calls reshipment buy and desire on lifting appliance subsequently.

Lifting appliance application says the history of heavy technology already had 200 one's remaining years. In the Bavarian city Weights and Measures Bureau that is located in Munich city, the mural type spring balance that stores the metage suspension bear that controlled 1780; There still is the fixed crane arm 1760 in hamburger crane of type arm coming back, contain above it the decimal level that produced 1858. In on 19 centuries half leaf, crane (crane) balance with " Swedish shipping balance " name and famed at the world. 1932, the error of the crane level that brings sling can have achieved the 0.2% less than of either bear, received pattern approval thereby.

2, the applied current situation that says to weigh a technology to go up in lifting appliance

As the revolutionary progress that digitlizes a technology, especially the progress that the electron weighs to weigh a technology, promoted lifting appliance mechanization, automation, compositive change and the development that intelligence changes. Because industrial scale of production expands ceaselessly, manufacturing efficiency rises increasingly, make large change, high speed is changed and special the lifting appliance that change has automation, intelligence to change the function feature with informatization. Contemporary the application that weighs heavy technology already made all sorts of lifting appliance participate in those who have stock to assemble and unassemble directly inside work environment, carry, litre fall, sorting, stow, store deserve to send even, still can undertake directly to stock sometimes metric, identify, dog to be waited a moment with management.

Current, the metage device that uses on lifting appliance can be divided normally by the function for the electron condole balance is mixed special weigh two kinds to weigh device. Achieve the electronic condole level that uses extensively, relevant specification is more, do not try to elaborate here. Special saying reshipment buy is main is to point to the lifting capacity limiter that uses already generally on lifting appliance.

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