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3, lifting capacity limiter

1. Substantival definition
Lifting capacity limiter is through detecting weight removing condole prevents what lifting appliance is in affection of overweighted work a place difficult of access one kind to say to weigh protector, also call crane overload limiter or crane bear limiter.
2. " lifting appliance safe practice " regulation
GB6067, 85 " lifting appliance safe practice " in regulation: The bridge crane that is more than 20t, door type crane that is more than 10t should install overweighted limiter; The bridge-type of other tonnage and door type crane and dynamoelectric calabash single roof beam or double Liang Qi weigh guildelines to install overweighted limiter.
3. The composition of lifting capacity limiter
Lifting capacity limiter is general by resistor meet an emergency piece type calls heavy sensor and metage control appearance two parts composition. Say heavy sensor is used at detecting to have condole weight; Metage control as string of 1 weight undertakes differentiate since appearance basis, output corresponding condition to control signal.
4. Structural characteristic
The biggest characteristic of lifting capacity limiter is the union of effective specific configuration photograph that is the same as lifting appliance, ensure say to weigh sensor and metage
The use that controls appearance does not destroy the security of crane. In the meantime, should satisfy function reliable, the overhaul is convenient, the function with tall accuracy asks.
According to dynamoelectric calabash Chan Liang or double Liang Qi weigh the specific configuration of machine, lifting capacity limiter uses board annulus formula normally or fasten stringy pattern to say to weigh sensor, installation position is in the fixed end of wire rope; Metage controls appearance to normally installation is in cab or control pushbutton station upper part.

According to the specific configuration of crane of type of bridge-type, door, lifting capacity limiter is used normally double cut beam bridge type to say heavy sensor installs the bearing in crane reel lower part or use axial type to call heavy sensor installation in crane crown block on the axis; Metage control appearance is installed normally in cab.

5. Main technique parameter
Suitable scope: 0.5 ~ 500 tons of of all kinds crane;
Integrated error: ≤ ± 5% ;
Indication error: ≤ ± 3% ;
Behavioral error: ≤ ± 3% ;
Call the police the set of the dot:
(1) call the police beforehand dot: 90% of load lifting capacity;
(2) delay time calls the police dot: 105% of load lifting capacity;
(3) call the police instantly dot: 130% of load lifting capacity;
Delay time calls the police time: 2 seconds of 1 ~ ;
Sensor overload ability: 1.5 times;
Operating ambient conditions: - 50 ℃ of 10 ℃ ~ 90%RH;
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