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Electronic car judge how to prevent be struck by lightning
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Electronic car judge how to prevent be struck by lightning? The meeting when thundery lightning causes the sharp change of atmosphere electromagnetism field, main show has process of 3 kinds of physics: One, electrostatic induction, namely the ground air static electric field that lightning causes changes, make receive show an object charge of induction of around conductor generation, form extremely tall voltage rightly; 2, electromagnetism induction, namely the electric current in lightning passageway changes along with time happening, in the electric magnetic field that the space forms change all round it, inductive voltage and eddy electricity produce on the electric object of passageway accessory; 3, electromagnetism radiate, by the electric current in lightning passageway rapid change is formed. As a result of electronic car judge be able to bear or endure only low pressure, processes of afore-mentioned 3 kinds of physics that cause because of this lightning are provided extremely to its ruinous, especially electromagnetism induction. Microelectronics equipment jumps over report of advanced, bad news to jump over small, Yue Lingmin, ruinous bigger. Accordingly, electronic car judge prevent be struck by lightning to want to had done the following work:

One, in the sky be in near balance put oneself in another's position should install lightning rod, counteract the charge in cloud cluster with point discharge effect, make electronic car judge do not cause because of be struck by lightning damage. The height of lightning rod but according to electronic car judge length and calm, lightning rod protects radius to be equal to the area of a circle of its height.

2, whole level stage wants ground contact, be linked together balance put oneself in another's position and ground connection picket with root or several one ocean ground cable, ground connection picket should be hit in the 0 areas with constant potential, and ground connection resistor is less than 4  . Balance stage and ground connection had channel of capacious circumfluence of big electric current between picket, answer when electrostatic feeling when, can make be mixed among them from earth complement electron, can fast after equipment produces high potential scattered and do not send attaint electron car judge.

3, every sensor should have protective ground contact. Accordingly every sensor position should install a ground wire, sensor and " the ground " between picket of setting ground connection, ground wire and ground connection picket have reliable link or join ground wire and nearby foundation bolt. But foundation bolt must be linked together with net of ground connection of the reinforcing steel bar inside the foundation.

4, the metal that wears signal cable wears line canal to also must be linked together with ground connection net.

5, the screen layer that calls heavy sensor signal cable wants ground contact. Electronic car judge by power supply of town report electrified wire netting when, to installation from distribution room the ground has a root to grow a paragraph of space to be apart from, balance stage also has a paragraph to balance room relatively the signal cable that the family name is apart from, imagine not hard, be struck by lightning adopts electromagnetism induction approach, fetching on down-lead high potential, cause the damage that weighs heavy appearance likely, accordingly, the voltaic power supply cord that the line that weighs heavy sensor and drive weigh to weigh sensor uses the cable screen layer ground connection to join, be struck by lightning is destroyed or cause in order to eliminate electric magnetic induction light exploded likelihood. The screen layer that calls heavy sensor signal cable is OK be linked together with the ground wire that weighs heavy sensor, also can be linked together with the ground connection picket that weighs heavy monitor; Can decide according to spot circumstance, but do not allow double dot to be the same as ground of person of picket of two ground connection respectively.
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