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Complete electron car judge breakdown shallow analyse (one)
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Since reforming and opening, as a result of the grow in quantity of the car, car of each district electron judge use frequent, trouble is accordingly more. Below the author is brief analyse electronic car judge corrective maintenance method.
One, breakdown is diagnosed
(One) search breakdown position
The simplest method is simulator of have the aid of will search. Move is as follows: Free oneself wiring box to the signal cable of appearance, insert the electrical outlet of simulator appearance interface J1, receive electrify source, it is normal to see appearance work. If meter job is regular, demonstrative breakdown is in balance stage; If meter job is abnormal, criterion breakdown is in appearance.
(2) analysis of balance stage breakdown
1.Spacing device: Spacing device has transverse and fore-and-aft two kinds, the spacing clearance that inspects spacing plant is normal, should adjust commonly in (2 ~ 3)mm.
2.Wiring box: Check wiring box to anhydrous gas is invaded above all, if have hydrosphere, swab with alcohol, blow with blower next dry. Search wiring to have without short circuit. In wiring box, measure screen line and other with avometer the resistor of each line and balance stage, have without leak and short circuit. Check each lead and ground wire or signal cable at the same time outer line of stainless steel screen has without leak and short circuit.
3.Sensor: Search sensor breakdown measure to be as follows: Check with avometer inside wiring box the resistance between drive and negative drive (the) of upside of column of signal cable wiring that leads to appearance inside wiring box, its block value is 400 Europe about / sensor number. Be being outputted with what avometer measures total output to carry and between negative output resistor, its block value is 2500 Europe about / sectional number, if discover block value is incorrect, press next continueing that search. Successive disconnects sensor, with afore-mentioned methods, measure losing incentive end or losing value of the impedance between output end, the sensor that fish damages. If this pace is searched,be no problem, press the pace continues to search. weight used on a balance ordinal put in balance stage individually sectional on, if discover which sectional indication is incorrect, put weight in this to be passed sectionally again implement on horn, fish bad sensor. Or come away the + Si of some sensor, - Si end, in resistance is not measured below electrify circumstance, answer to be controlled in 350 Europe. Below electrify circumstance, measure the volts d.c. of two end, set sensor capacity to be K, the force that it gets actually is F, criterion voltage value should be 12.5 × 2F/K(mV) .

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