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If fast knife flies, essence of life allows can to compare electronic level
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"Need not scale can know, these squid piece weighs 40 grams every pieces, the error does not exceed 3 grams. " balance of a before the controller of labour union of the company that start line of business is pointing to every personal industry small electron introduces: "This is the squid that says to be cut piece use. According to the standard, every piscine piece that has cut should be in again 40 grams, consider the share glacial a knot on squid piece, the company is to their requirement 41 to 43 grams.

That is to say the squid that they cut piece the error that can have 3 grams only at most. And fall the although have only,sends silk deviation when the knife, with respect to the error that can produce 3 grams above. Resemble this pair of hands that Sun Zhou flies to, to these the assurance of squid piece weight can say as electronic balance essence of life allows. The squid that she cuts piece do not need scale examination. The squid that she cuts piece do not need scale examination..

The station flies in Sun Zhou on is a cap on adhesion the new personal class of red paper, reporter dark lieutenant general she the speed of two was made quite. Sun Zhou flies when cutting 5 squids, the other side can cut only half. That grows long cutting tool to be in Sun Zhou flying hand, resembled going up clockwork spring is general, fall well and truly it is on squid piece, after be being cut rapid will squid piece turns over, check squid piece to go up to whether be stuck have a foreign body.

"Fly like Sun Zhou such dab, one day can cut 600 kilograms of squids, and novice at best can cut 60 kilograms only, and quality cannot assure. So, everyday dab cuts product great majority. Fly like Sun Zhou such employee rests one day, the company is likely the loss is close 10 thousand yuan. " workshop director Gu Jianfeng says.

"The squid is cut so that allow quickly again again, take in the home cut kitchen knife experienced hand? " the reporter asks curiously.

"I do not take a knife basically in the home, and personal raw material is special, gave factory door to cannot practice at all. But a bit can affirm, the affirmation that cut course is faster than Everyman, resemble cutting potato silk at least, every thickness also should master definitely than Everyman. " Sun Zhou flies to say jokingly. Chen Bin of our newspaper reporter is graceful

Our newspaper is stationed in Liu Yi of Ning Bo's reporter

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