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Complete electron car judge breakdown shallow analyse (2)
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2, overhaul method and overhaul example
(One) overhaul method
Electronic car judge repair a method a lot of, the law of observation law, substitution method, knock, law that buy a line, use instrument checks diagnostic of law, use code to wait, in repairing the job actually, often want to use a few kinds of methods integratedly. Do not move to death cover forcedly, the key is to should pay attention to an analysis, accumulate experience, ability takes roundabout way less, find out breakdown quickly.
(2) trouble removal example
1.Breakdown phenomenon: Car of 50 tons of electrons of some company judge sometimes loaded vehicle leaves negative overload shows after going up, after switching on the mobile phone afresh, can return to normal sometimes, this phenomenon often happens.
Breakdown analysis: Do not have sometimes when breakdown, estimation is not the reason of appearance. Examination balance stage, join, spacing is normal, exclude mechanical respect account. All solder dots on wiring board are checked afresh, eliminated empty solder or sealing off possibility. Use finally " substitution method " and " the law that buy a line " failure isolation is caused by a certain sensor. Affirm via the examination the line that has a sensor is bitten to defeat by mice, can contact sometimes on, criterion appearance is normal, be in sometimes disconnect condition, appearance shows negative overload.
Breakdown processing: this sensor line from bite lousy place clipping, after be being handled with epoxy resin, make a contact, car judge return to normal.
2.Breakdown phenomenon: Watch of Heng Yi of 60 tons of cars shows my plant flabby, from + 20 to - 100 jump change.
Breakdown analysis: Prove with simulator examination appearance is normal above all, classics examination also is not mechanical failure, criterion breakdown may go out in wiring box or sensor. This car judge have 3 balances station, 3 wiring box, 8 sensor, discover when the examination in after balance stage leads to the solder of signal bus line of box of the wiring intermediate to fall, it is normal that appearance shows, and when south when the line solder that balance stage leads to box of the wiring intermediate falls, appearance shows as before flabby, conclude south balance table is regular, breakdown by in balance stage is caused, include 4 sensor and two wiring case. Measure with avometer, the connection inside line box is accepted among discovery in incentive voltage is 11 bend over in the line of balance stage much and flabby, and normal value is 12.5 bend over, the solder of empty of aperture of + EX wiring that goes up via checking wiring board.
Breakdown processing: Solder line of a short circuit is direct the + EX end that comes over terminal of this + EX and appearance is linked together, breakdown is solved.
3.Breakdown phenomenon: 50 tons of cars of some company judge switch on the mobile phone appearance shows negative sign only.
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