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Interface of electronic balance RS232 passes buccal common law
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  says in the electron heavy system is medium, the requirement of symmetrical heavy indication appearance is very strict, it is stability is mixed above all indication accuracy / indication speed is close friends, the function that the human nature that is electronic balance appearance next changes operation and output interface and adaptability are ambitious. The most typical is function of RS232 asynchronous serial output, its technology is mature, can join computer, big screen monitor, supportive RS232 strings together buccal printer, and major electronic product supports RS232 interface card. So product of major electronic weighing apparatus increased RS232 interface.

The form of RS232 interface output of balance of electron of   major manufacturer is similar, for instance:

  Stream outputs signal continuously -- join computer says heavy software records data, monitor of data of weight of join big screen.

The reexport after data of   Auto weight is stable -- join printer, those who make is automatic data of the weight that print.

Balance of   Kpc electron commands output -- join computer or printer, control the transmission of weight data artificially.

  Cmd computer commands output -- on join the system such as machine, PLC, implementation calls serious management automation control.

The sexual price of   electron balance is higher than jumping over, all sorts of its functions are more. For instance: Electronic balance, it supports all functions basically; And electronic platform balance commands output with respect to supportive electron balance, common plan heavy counter scale does not support RS232 function basically, counter scale of high accuracy computation supports electronic balance basically to command output, appearance of electronic platform balance supports RS232 interface basically to output.

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