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The electron says to maintain
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Electronic balance is measure package and composition of microcomputer circuit place by nice feeling, correct use and maintaining is to maintain electronic level accurate not 2 methods!  

The preparation before using works

Use the desktop with electronic balance firm and even park or area please, not park shakes flabby desktop or the stage is worn on

Avoid buy to be put at temperature change to cross the room with air big or acuteness flow, if sunlight is point-blank or air conditioning gives blast tuyere point

Lest other electric equipment is disturbed,use electrical outlet of independent power source

AdjustElectronic balanceadjust a foot, make a balance smooth and in the center of circle of house of the bleb inside gradienter

When power source open, do not put article place on scale please, before using first heat engine 15 minutes of above (high accuracy balance must longer)

Use note

Forbidden drench or rinse with water, if touch water to be wiped clean with dry cloth carelessly, should send promptly when machine function is abnormal long

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