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The history of weighing apparatus is transitional
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Weighing apparatus is a of metrological implement main component. People said in the past metric for ' metrology ' . Alleged degree, it is to point to with feet (the bamboo feet that come out, wood feet, tape measure, steel rule graduallies to wait after be being reached like olden bone feet, tooth feet) the accident that measures an object; Alleged quantity, it is to point to with container (if close in ancient times, rise, bottle, a dry measure used in former times and the quantity bucket that use later, measuring glass) the volume that measures an object; Alleged judge, it is to point to measure object weight.

Judge, should only then at primitive society evening, be apart from according to historical data account already had 4000 today old, appeared at that time article exchange, but metric square law is to lean soon the hand is felt; And the appliance that serves as metric weight- - weighing apparatus, appear the earliest at Xia Chao in our country; Period of age the Warring States already mastered lever principle, metaphase of the Warring States uses balance and gold of metage of weight used on a balance extensively already in the one belt in Hunan, but metric inside quite long period standard is differ, relatively confused, after unifying the world till the Qin Dynasty, at Qin Shi emperor implements business Yang political reform 26 years (BC 221 years) , just united metrology standard; Period of day of the Song Dynasty appeared accuracy achieves 1 a unit of monthly interest rate (40mg) Deng balance, indicate the weighing apparatus at that time already had level of quite considerable skill.

But, weighing apparatus is in our country is ' chiliad is consistent ' , till 20 centuries initial stage just the foreigner pledges the metal the balance leads our country. According to carrying, our country repairs the mill of foreign platform balance at appearing 1918. The Englishman has trade at that time to China, cargoboat brings platform balance oneself, platform balance damaged by China the worker is repaired for them, but control is very strict, prohibit copy. We mastered a skill later, begin pattern at was in Shanghai 1922, first factory name is ' Cen Nade writes down platform balance to repair a factory ' ; Ancestor of annals of contented of southern Asia overseas Chinese was born in Shanghai open 1926 ' platform balance of Tao Ji pound repairs a manufactory ' , repair and create platform balance, of the balance bear heavy mail is cast, rear sight is casting copper, bearing changeover for ' ball type ' ; Japanese product entered China 1931, they use bearing changeover for ' knife type ' , by knife of 鑲 of casting knife instead (was drafted 1963 and all use structure of 鑲 knife type at the tentative standard of country of stage counter scale that approved 1965) . Regard existent weighing apparatus as the industry ' old name '- - factory of Tianjin weighing apparatus, build a plant 1924, factory name is metrology of Tianjin city bright power at that time factory, the Tianjin that is located in one of our country working-class birthplace 3 stone, it is a mill of privately owned handicraft industry that has 3 workers only, workshop area 40 more than square metre, be engaged in repairing business of stage counter scale; After this more than 10 years, although industry strength increased to acquire somewhat bradawl bed and grinder, but still give priority to in order to repair business, just formed year of production to sell the dimensions of 50 500kg platform balance till 1938.
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