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Electronic balance cannot when other school, how should move long?
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Electronic balance can undertake exterior calibration commonly, of course some of balance also is had inside school function. If fixed

Undertake exterior calibration not only the sensitivity that can assure balance, and the data that can assure balance is accurate and reliable.

But, when electronic balance cannot carry out other school, should close machine overhaul in time.

(1) breakdown reason

① operates a mistake.

The installation environment of ② electron balance does not accord with a requirement.

③ balance not level.

The balance before ④ is corrective is absent null.

Error of weight used on a balance of ⑤ other school is too big.

System of metage of ⑥ electron balance has mechanical failure.

Of ⑦ electron balance inside set a program to be in reject other school position.

(2) tone repairs a method

① reviews electronic balance manual, have other school by the requirement.

Install an environment or revise of balance of ② change electron inside Shanghaiguan sets a program, make accord with environmental requirement.

③ adjusts what balance makes to be in horizontal condition.

Should make balance shows null steadily before ④ is corrective.

The standard weight used on a balance that ⑤ chooses to accord with precision of balance of place school electron to ask undertakes calibration.

⑥ overhauls the mechanical failure of system of electronic balance metage.

Of balance of ⑦ change electron inside set a program, the made condition that is in executive other school.

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