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Installation electron balance bewares " adj/LIT wide of water of be struck by li
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Since this year, the application as electronic balance is wider and wider, metrological personal of substation of smooth shade of bureau of qualitative inspect of Shandong Jinan city manages in electronic balance user report often hears in the job: Because electronic balance meets with " water of be struck by lightning wides " and the accident that must cost a large number of manpower, material resources to undertake maintaining. Electronic balance meets with often " water of be struck by lightning wides " , is this inevitable? The answer is negative of course. Concern staff member introduction according to making the same score shade substation, have quite balance of one part electron meets with " water of be struck by lightning wides " the accident all is installation undeserved those who cause, basically have two kinds of cases.

Say be struck by lightning first: Divide individual magnetic field higher area, outside having electric factor, be struck by lightning can prevent commonly. For instance, when installing electronic scale, the first, want to avoid to assign balance station arrangement to be under the high tension line, prevent electric be struck by lightning; The 2nd, every sensor wants reasonable arrangement ground wire; The 3rd, when be necessary, add set lightning rod effect much better. Above is the significant step that prevents be struck by lightning. And irresponsible implement manufacturer often installs the scale to the high tension line directly under, when heavy rain comes, rainwater is contacted with balance stage directly, generation is electric, already created a condition to be struck by lightning actually, although ground wire also has, but also can be ear of a deaf person only, trashy.

Say water wides again: Electronic balance is afraid that water adj/LIT wide basically points to wiring box and sensor two parts are afraid that tide is afraid of wet. To prevent water flood, installation should notice the following when electronic balance: The first, when electronic balance is installed ground level of prep above of best balance stage, make sure running water is expedite; The 2nd, if the enterprise plans need according to field, the mesa of electronic balance and the earth's surface are calm, balance put oneself in another's position should be set in underground, manufacturer must have designed adequate drainage system according to actual condition, precautionary balance stage issues sensor of box of long-term seeper, wiring to be wided; The 3rd, if balance put oneself in another's position designs installation to be in underground, had better make wiring case to metric room inside, break away from moisture and immerse, if sensor does not give an accident, this electron balance but as usual is used; The 4th, if balance put oneself in another's position designs installation to be in underground, good balance put oneself in another's position must be designed to fall when manufacturer is installed silty reach sundry long-term processing setting, the passageway that facilitating personnel fluctuates can have been installed in a side of balance stage, prevent drainage system to jam, sensor is wided, because clear,decrease rubbish, turn over greatly to electronic balance, the trouble that the job such as new calibrating causes to the enterprise and pecuniary loss.
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