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Understanding electron weighs a principle
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The first partThe principle block diagram of electronic balance:

Form K/B(key-press) ↓ of indication screen of → of indication drive of → of CPU of → of changeover of A/D of → of enlarge of OP of sensor → of → of ↑ Fx recalls form

Working flow explains: When the object is put on scale, pressure uses sensor, this sensor happensDeformation, make therebyImpedanceProduce change, use incentive voltage to produce change at the same time, output the imitate signal of a change. This signal is outputted via magnifying circuit magnifiesModulus converter. The digital signal that is changed into facilitating processing exports CPU operation control. CPU outputs this kind of result monitor according to clavier command and program. Till show this kind of result.

The 2nd partThe classification of the balance: 1. presses principle cent: Electromechanical of electronic balance mechanical scale combines a balance 2. Press functional cent: Balance of computation balance valuation plan heavy balance 3. Press utility cent: Balance of special type of balance of industrial balance trade

The 3rd partThe sort of the balance: 1. desktop balance shows complete metage is in the electronic balance under 30Kg 2. Platform balance shows full name measures the electronic level in 30-300Kg less than 3. Ground pound shows full name measures the electronic level in 300Kg above 4. Nice balance

The 4th partPress accuracy classification: I class: Precision of special type balance 10 thousand II of ≥ 1/10 class: 10 thousand ≤ of 1/1 of high accuracy balance 10 thousand III of precision < 1/10 class: In ≤ precision of precision balance 1/1000 10 thousand IV of < 1/1 class: 1/1000 of precision < of ≤ of average level 1/100

The 5th partProfessional term: 1. is the biggest metage: An electron balance not plan tare, can the biggest load; 2 of metage. The smallest metage: ; 3 of a when an electron balance can appear when be worth under this opposite error. Safe load: ; 4 of limits of 120% normal metage. Rated load: ; 5 of normal metage limits. Allow an error: The; 6 of the biggest error that allows when grade calibrating. Feeling quantity: The; of the smallest scale that an electron balance can show is used normally " D " will express; 7. Analytic quantity: One has the electronic level of computation function, the; 8 of the smallest scale that can defend oneself. Resolution: One has the electronic level of computation function, interior is had defend oneself the; 9 of a parameter of ability. Warm-up time: One platform balance achieves the time; 10 that each index place uses. Precision: Feeling quantity and the ratio; 11 that full name measures. Electronic balance uses environmental temperature to be: - 10 Celsius arrive 40 Celsius 12. The mesa norms of platform balance: 25cm X 30cm 30cm X 40cm 40cm X 50cm 42cm X 52cm 45cm X 60cm
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