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Happy event receive world metric day, achieve in all energy-saving reduce a good
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Happy event receive world metric day, achieve in all energy-saving decrease of Bi Saiwu of group of Wu of mine of Xuzhou of platoon good achievement one, the origin of world metric day and development May 20 is world metric day this year. Was in French Paris to Conference on Weights and Measures of 15 days of the 21st international on October 11, 1999 international Weights and Measures Bureau is held, to make each country government and public understanding metric, encourage and urge each country the development of metric domain, strengthen the each country international communication in metric domain and cooperation, congress was world metric day every year on May 20 certainly, get the self-identity of international Organization of Legal Metrology. Why be world metric day on May 20 certainly? Because May 20, 1875 is 17 full-fledged member in 20 countries were signed,this is of famed world " convention of the metric system " . This " convention " reach its supplementary articles, facilitated to sign each the scientific orgnaization that the country goes funds to do standing jointly, namely international Weights and Measures Bureau (BIPM) , bureau location is in certainly France. This is the cradle of the metric system. International Weights and Measures Bureau by international Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) with scientific committee of experts namely " international Council on Weights and Measures " (CIPM) administer. Its purpose is to assure " the unity between the international of the metric system and development " . Since May 20, 2000, world each country began to publicize world metric day a series of activities. International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) is in announced on Chairman OIML board 2001, metric orgnaization uses the nation that urges each country world metric day developed an activity on May 20. "World metric day " decide really, make the mankind jumps a new height to metric understanding, also make metric enter a new level to social influence. Our country begins to celebrate since 2001 " world metric day " , the world is metric 2002 day with " metric with science and technology " give priority to a problem, will mark this one arrival of the day. "Metric with science and technology " this one theme was revealed adequately metric as mutual as science and technology depend on sb or sth for existence, mutual promote, the interactive relation of collective progress. Also be international metric organization aims to be publicized to the whole world metric, publicize metric science and technology, conduct propaganda popularizes one of act of metric technology knowledge. This year May 20 is the 8th " world metric day " , fulfil the State Council of the Party Central Committee to carry out about energy-saving reduce economy of Olympic Games of platoon, green, stimulative countryman good the strategic deploy of quickly harmonious development, 2008, our country " world metric day " conduct propaganda teachs an activity with " metric with energy-saving fall bad news " and " metric with green Olympic Games " for the theme, outstanding conduct propaganda is metric develop green Olympic Games, harmonious society, scientificly in the service and energy-saving fall the significant position in bad news and action. 2, metric the action in national economy is metric the main technology base that is national economy and social progress, a be modern science and technology impartible cut main component. "Did not measure, do not have science " , and metric science is to undertake accurate metrical base, the level of metric science and technology, the level that indicates on particular significance an economy of a country and science and technology develop. Want to realize the modernization of industry, agriculture, national defence and science and technology, must strengthen the development of metric science and technology. 1 metric be market economy is important the effect with make sure metric science and technology is rising to build and maintaining system of socialist market economy very main. Because,this is " quantity " the expressional form that is all external objects and its motion, it is mirrorring the internal nature of external object, mutual connection and motion curve. As the development of human society, of market economic system ceaseless and perfect, all sorts of activities increasingly socialization, it is especially in the activity such as communication of trade dealings, science and technology, right same " quantity " due and opposite consistent measurement result, what this is united with respect to what need to rely on unit of measurement and measure is accurate and reliable, that is to say, should lean metric will assure, otherwise socioeconomy order is about to produce a disorder, production, current cannot on the rails, the research of scientific test, hi-tech and development also can encounter difficulty, external economic commerce and communication of culture of science and technology also cannot be begun. Marshal of Rong Zhen of Nie of no less than tells in that way, "Science and technology develops today, can say, not metric can not move a step. " " science and technology should develop, metric need go ahead of the rest " , in socialist market economy, metric it is to need indispensable technical base. Our country already promulgated " measurement Law of People's Republic of China " , " the working metrological implement of compulsive calibrating manages People's Republic of China method " , " retail goods says heavy metrological supervision sets " , " metrological supervision of the mensurable commodity that pack sets " , " commodity measures metric illegal behavior to punish a regulation " wait for law, reflected metric the main effect in market economy. 2 metric the important step that is scientific research is in the development of science, metric job is people phenomenon of proper understanding nature, master science of the order of nature, test and verify to foreknow indispensable method. For example, beautiful book Chinese Dr. Wu Jianxiong passes nicety to measure namely, it is with experimental method in the lab of academy of technology of American state level test and verify the parity below the weak interaction that Li Zheng of gainer of world-renowned physicist nobel prize and 2 doctors place puts forward Yang Zhenning not conservation is academic. Learn in wave of biological phenomena, gravitation, geoscience, material, in the research such as informatics, need accurate metric test. In industrial production, not only the treatment of general component, installation needs metric test method, in the construction of elevator of building of information freeway, high level, high speed, in parts of an apparatus of fiber-optic production, laser make and the earth is measured and in the production of circuit of large scale integration, to geometry quantity, refractive index distributings, the metric test inaccuracy of the parameter such as bandwidth is spent surely also raising a requirement ceaselessly. In medical treatment sanitation, metric forbid to often can cause person accident. Radiative cure tumour, the dosage size of X ray and γ ray and remedial effect are having affinity, if ray dosage exceeds a level, the patient's good organization is met by burn or attaint, if ray dosage is insufficient, criterion short of treats the effect. Spectrophotometer forbids, the analytic result that can create liver function is fluky etc. Construction of the development of science and technology of computer industry, black and coloured metallurgy industry, new energy resources, environment and production, national defence need metric science and technology. Metric not only involve each economy field, also mix with people's life safe be closely bound up. In spin spaceflight, aviation, nautical, navigation, mining, earthquake, electric power, petrifaction, gently, carry, the respect such as atmosphere, communication, metric the assurance with rose important action. 3 metric the important step that is quality inspection of technology control, product is in modern manufacturing process, producing those who taste quality and enterprise benefit to rise is an enterprise is essential. Without accurate metric instrument and measurement technique, rise with respect to what assure the quality of the product and benefit hard. Because,this is from raw material, yuan parts of an apparatus takes a plant detect and analyse, to the quality monitoring that whole production machines, till final goods inspection, and the wear out condition of stock and the sources of energy needs metric provide accurate data. Of the management of quality and benefit rise, must build the base in metric science and technology. For example: The enterprise is passed metric the work that starts the form such as famous brand raised an enterprise to the foundation works and produce a standard from whole, make an enterprise metric get strengthening, metric managing and metric detect went up a step, built the metric team with very strong quality, pledge to improving a product thereby quantity, energy-saving fall bad news, raised economic benefits to have positive effect. 4 metric it is energy-saving reduce a main technology base this year is the key that our country achieves the energy-saving goal that decrease a platoon 5 years a year, face still grim situation, the State Council of the Party Central Committee raised new taller requirement to the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, strengthen the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon energetically imperative. We should understand the importance of the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, long-term sex and arduous sex deeply, enhance us to do the consciousness that metric labour regards good the sources of energy as the energy-saving service that decrease a platoon and sturdy sex further. Do good the sources of energy seriously metric job, ability develops metric job adequately circulate to develop economy and construction are managing model the main effect that the society serves. (1) the main character of metric job decided the sources of energy energy-saving fall the long-term sex of activity of bad news service. Must build energy-saving fall the lasting effect mechanism of activity of service of bad news synergism, have unremitting only, steady work, ability is obtained energy-saving the favorable effect that reduces a platoon, begin energy-saving fall activity of bad news service is to do good the sources of energy what metric labour serves as the energy-saving service that decrease a platoon is specific reflect, it is one must grow grab indefatigable job. (2) the sources of energy is metric it is an enterprise the technical base of the energy-saving synergism that decrease a platoon. In the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, no matter be,using advanced data management method still is to pass the technology innovates and technical reformation and the shot-off of loss that carry the sources of energy are dug go to obtain result etc. Carry out a proof, the premise that uses these good step and method is, must build in have perfect metric management system, reasonable configured metrological implement of the sources of energy, accurate application is metric the sources of energy such as data is metric on working foundation. Had done energy-saving fall bad news reduces a synergism job, must do good the sources of energy metric foundation works. (3) had done the energy-saving servive routine that decrease a platoon, must strengthen orgnaization of weights and measures technique and service team construction, the orgnaization of weights and measures technique with high quality and service team are good to do metric job provides the sources of energy constituent safeguard. Carry out a proof, want to take construction of orgnaization of weights and measures technique seriously only, service team quality compares tall place, activity of the energy-saving service that decrease a platoon is begun well; Orgnaization of weights and measures technique and service troop strength are insufficient, the place with personnel not high quality, metric job cannot produce the sources of energy due action. Accordingly, ensure only " a secretary in charge of sth of the member that have orgnaization a secretary in charge of sth, someone, conditional a secretary in charge of sth " , stimulative the sources of energy is metric staff member " consider a secretary in charge of sth, able thing, dry real issue " , ability gets used to the need that the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon reinforces below new condition truly. 5 metric be green Olympic Games is important make sure the environment is the basic premise that the mankind lives and develops. The environment offerred necessary natural resources and condition to we live and develop. As the development of socioeconomy, environmental problem has served as cannot the order of the day that evasive serious problem carried each country government. Protect an environment, reduce environmental pollution, trend of aggravation of zoology of keep within limits, make the main task that governmental society manages. Environmental problem is not a single social issue, it is the political economy progress with human society is close together and relevant. Environmental problem is human society progress greatly especially the inevitable result of the sort of development that is cost with sacrificial environment. Western country had entered industrialized society, they already were repaying industrialization starts the debt that owes to the environment since level. Our country is undertaking socialistic modernization, experiencing from agricultural society to industrial society transfer. We can walk along western country " to be polluted first anything but, the old road of " is administered after, and the position with should put environmental protection to significant ahead of schedule. The lesson of this since history, also be the inevitable choice that we face, the circumstance that deepens increasingly in environmental crisis leaves a kind of passive alternative. Because environmental problem already was become,endanger people health, restrict economic progress and the main factor with stable society. Protecting an environment is a of our country basic national policy, solve the whole nation's outstanding environment problem, stimulative economy, society and environment are harmonious develop and carry out can develop the strategy continuously, it is a government those who be faced with is important and formidable task. Our country government is promote of total bureau of national environmental protection environmental protection ministry, see pair of environmental protection and the attention of the job that decrease a platoon. Energy-saving decrease a platoon, be " 915 " the theme that economy grows, the State Council points out clearly, . "915 " during, chinese main contaminant discharges gross to reduce 10 % , to 2010, discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur reduces 22.95 million tons by 25.49 million tons of 2005, chemical oxygen demand (COD) reduce 12.73 million tons by 14.14 million tons; The whole nation sets city town sewage disposal to lead not under 70 % , integrated utilization rate obtains waste material of industrial solid body 60 % above.
Reduce a goal to realize what the country makes, the enterprise decreases a platoon this is a rigid index. The enterprise decreases a platoon to cannot leave metric, above all, should see well what place what working procedure arranges what facility taller, what need metrological implement is accurate measure ability to discover, of ability have a definite object in view go solving these exorbitant discharged issue, if upgrade equipment, improve flow craft to wait, and of results of these the measure that decrease a platoon also want to rely on metric equipment to undertake detecting certainly finally. Additional, the control of in-house discharge capacity monitors the enterprise to also want to rely on metric equipment, be like online gas analyzer, the appearance of online water analysis specific target that can provide company discharge capacity, whether does the content that discharges waste gas exceed bid, whether does total discharge capacity exceed national requirement, need metrological implement to measure, the direct effect that produces to the enterprise is self-evident.
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