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Try to call heavy industry the problem that face and development train of though
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Try to call heavy industry the problem that face and development train of thought by China

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Develop through a few years, enterprise of Chinese weighing apparatus had flying progress, act an international market successfully important role, the fair of international weighing apparatus that holds from association of Chinese weighing apparatus only already made whole world scale the biggest, number sees one spot in most exhibition. But China says heavy industry business still is facing a lot of difficulty and pressure, basically reflect for:

    Competition does not have foreword, bring about cost pressure and profit space stricture, cause an enterprise to develop aftereffect to be not worth generally, a lot of industries appear confused, wait-and-see, Xiaofu installs state of mind namely, do not know whereto development. The talent is in short supply, especially research and development, medium talent of senior management, advanced blue collar is very in short supply, and talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year is serious. A lot of enterprises dare not develop a person with ability, be afraid of to clothing is made for other after education, be afraid of form new competitive structure, talent develop is hired, use, development, groom, competition is benign the mechanism was not formed. Inadequacy of investment of research and development, innovation inadequacy, be modelled on become a common practice, bring about a product duplicate, price great war sees repeatedly ceaseless, taste development newly to lack reserve strength, business development is immersed in backwater condition. Manage instability, especially company cost management, character manages instability. A lot of enterprises apparently produce fervent, order for goods ceaseless, but work more to be inferior to leaking more actually. Risk of account of receivable money slack is great, severe shortage supervises audit mechanism, company manager from morning till night handles the company issue that emerge in endlessly, cannot accomplish administrative system to change, change subtly, human nature is changed. Scarce management innovates, feeble, flow lacks company system. More company systems are written on paper, hang on the wall, lack executive power, easy make a mere scrap of paper. Change as vicissitude of the market and employee demand, did not form an enterprise to get used to market strategy to locate, did not form resource to configure optimization, do not have materiality to become company culture more.

Battalion of the countryman in regarding as says to weigh an enterprise to control the history 10 years only mostly, appear it is very normal that these problems ought to say. But the person that real pressure forces battalion of already of every look forward to thinks, how to walk out of predicament, how to walk out of a benign loop to you can develop way continuously?

    Abide by specialization, dimensions changes a fundamental, do do only do by force big. Specializationing is business development especially primary level the only way, when because be in when the enterprise,developing initial stage, it is finite that what its have resource, develop for the enterprise, must assemble and optimize all resource to configure, expand quickly oneself, saying to weigh a company year when sale did not go to 100 million yuan, major company should carry out this one principle namely. Because specialization, certainly will changes directional development to implementation dimensions. Dimensions is managed bringing optimal profit is an enterprise the market of industry of can thorough knowledge, understanding, optimization that know enterprise itself resource and makes. The level of acme can be reached on cost control especially, it is an enterprise thereby original capital is accumulated laid a foundation, also be an enterprise to be in relatively stable position in market of industry fractionize product, for further business development provides strong supporter. Abide by specializationed foundation to go up to realize product diversity to change stage by stage, differ to satisfy the market on demand dimensions foundation, plunder more refines the market stage by stage thereby, strive for bigger market space. As a result of client demand diversification, cause a company each respect management product must get used to market demand, like the car judge the product derives a lot of poor dissimilation: Mesa material has the branch of cement, armor plate. There is the fission mesa that gets used to exit production again in armor plate; There is number, imitate on the function, there are a variety of forms such as monitoring of exterior line of Shou Gong of network group control, unmanned value again in imitate. Poor dissimilation is to call heavy industry primary level development phase is entered after the end necessary process, but enterprise of poor dissimilation requirement must have actual strength of research and development and follow-up of market service ability, in the enterprise poor dissimilation phase must pay close attention to the project after group of research and development and carry out to serve a group to build.
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