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Full automatic unmanned value defends coal to call serious management systematic
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Full automatic unmanned value defends coal to call serious management systematic brief introduction one, the overview develops as the high speed of IT, coal company says to weigh besides the requirement to electronic weighing apparatus accurate, the operation is convenient outside, still need electronic weighing apparatus to offer spot monitoring, automatic discharged, intelligence converts pool of forms for reporting statistics inquiry and say heavy data is far pass wait for a function. Shenzhen city assist limited company of prosperous science and technology draws lessons from foreign advanced science and technology, according to Chinese national condition and industry characteristic, own development develops high-tech product. Take the lead in giving out full automatic the car that unmanned value defends calls serious general management the system, this system can satisfy above to ask. The course is carried out for years and improve, had formed a kind of efficient, justice, accurate, quick, prevent call serious management coggedly mode, have a technology advanced (full automatic unmanned value is defended) , long-range monitoring, installation and maintain handy, quality it is stable, easy to upgrade or change wait for a characteristic. 2, the system is comprised 1. Weigh stage span: 30000 - 200000 ㎏, mesa dimension: 14000 ~ of 3400 × 21000 ㎜, install means: Shallow base on hole, ground judge. 2. Say to control ark to include to say to weigh equipment again, car check implement, prevent Lei Qi, regulated power supply, UPS (UPS) . 3. Automation system includes two-way path brake, ground feeling coil, wireless read card implement, traffic light, acousto-optic warning apparatus. 4. Industry controls all of computer science department to include the computer, monitor, image is collected, string together a card, interface gets stuck, printer. 5. Speech command system incorporates microphone, microphone, horn. 6. Car image is caught pat include camera, camera lens, assist illuminant, sensitive switch. 7. Big screen shows 16 × at 16 o'clock blast Chinese display, over all dimension: 400 ㎜ of 1400 × . 8. Network system includes ADSL online facility, phone terminal, IP network address or local area network. 9. Supervisory system includes hard disk videocorder, 200G hard disk, multichannel video gets stuck, inspect is shown implement (wall of screen of optional choose TV) , many camera, camera lens, reticle. 10. A of computer software system. Say plate of heavy control system is caught automatically pat image module, IC to block car identity to identify module, car to say brake of heavy module, outdoors indication module, path and traffic light control module, system to safeguard module, statistic to analyse module, data to transmit module in real time. B. Lead plane of special business affairs of of long-range management center and SQL database, domain name, firewall, data receives module, forms for reporting statistics to analyse system, real time to inquire indication module, attributive management module, forms for reporting statistics checks in real time autograph module. 3, 1) of systematic function characteristic calls heavy whole process automation, efficient, just, accurate, quick, need not interfere artificially. 2) calls heavy whole process real time monitoring, the system fights electromagnetism to disturb ability strong, prevent effectively cogged. 3) is not contact IC to block remote identifying lawful car information, automatic method brake car of two-way discharged pass in and out. 4) big screen shows say to weigh a result, direct car to pass through. What card of 5) basis IC carries message, automatic coal is classified. 6) plate image identifies automatically and type, the system prints plate name automatically, say to weigh data (car gross weight, tare, suttle etc) the report is only. 7) can make classified etc automatically, statistical forms for reporting statistics (watch of week forms for reporting statistics, month forms for reporting statistics, quarter forms for reporting statistics, annals) reach relevant detail project, delete according to operating attributive to be able to be revised call heavy data the record. 8) says image of heavy data, car detects and statistical result can carry a network real time is remote transmit, the management center needs to land relevant website only (do not suffer time place to restrain) , can consult download all sorts of detecting data, image and forms for reporting statistics. 9) reduces labor intensity and the effect that avoid factitious element semmetry to weigh precision effectively, assured to detect the authenticity of data and dependability. 10) improved enterprise informatization level of management, but 24 hours of unmanned values are defended, real time says to weigh, reduced a working personnel, managing overhead expenses. 4, network of data of parameter of system of systematic technology parameter, other data calls bandwidth of 150t ADSL of ~ of weight Cheng 30t accuracy of Windows 2003 of server of data of 21m of ~ of 3.4x14 of 2M over all dimension part of electric equipment of temperature of job of RS-232 of transmission means of Ⅲ class data - image of 60 ℃ monitoring saves 20 ~ , single page brake of 16 words path service life 100 10 thousand 5, the graph below plan of distribution of construction of system is both sides of dual level stage to travel call composition of heavy metric construction the graph. Among them the car of travel of a direction is empty wagons, the car of another direction travel attachs most importance to a car, rise with this say to weigh efficiency; According to spot need, also can design both sides of stage of the balance that it is sheet to travel, so OK and managing stage of a balance, efficiency is a few lower. When saying to weigh, when saying heavy traffic wants to await balance stage leisure, just can go up balance stage undertakes saying to weigh, after saying heavy end leaves balance stage, another car just can go up balance platform balance detects again. No matter construction of platform of odd dual level, catch take a system, read calorie of system, big screen shows a system, path brake and traffic light want both sides setting. In the meantime, much platform scale weighs a system (amount to 100) can carry network of monitoring center couplet, each detect data image can transmit this center immediately; Actually, no matter you are in when He De, you should land central website only, input relevant password, can inquire one of these day, some time, the relevant data of some car, those who assured data is seasonable and reliable, avoided factitious element to be opposite detect the interference of the process, also assured the authenticity of data. Additional, according to the client need also can detect other of equipment detect data (the data such as the temperature that includes storehouse, humidity, reserves) couplet net transmits control center; In the meantime, pass a network to be able to control concerned equipment open, include to add lukewarm, dehumidify to wait) . Delineation of signal of composition of construction of system 6, the working flow cent of system of systematic moving process enters the arena to detect and come on the stage detect two parts.
Enter the car that weighs heavy control stand to stop before path brake, right now path brake is close condition. IC blocks the blame contact that the driver has the record the news such as car vehicle date, the IC card that stands by roadside is read implement, succeed when systematic identifying, and after differentiate is lawful car, operating indoor below the control that calls serious management the computer, spark image catchs those who pat a system to finish plate pat the overlay with plate number and image, the progressive die that says heavy appearance controller begins to output balance stage sensor drafts telegraphic name change to become digital signal, of classics form a complete set after calling serious management software identifying operation, the operation interface that calling serious management the computer and outdoors the real time on indication screen shows gross weight. Say to weigh result hind in what gain stability, car monitor will issue signal rising brake, operation interface can show car gross weight () of the metage when car tare passes another driveway by car, the computer is calculated automatically and show suttle, and speech director is general. After the car carries dam up water entirely, below the control of car detector, path brake baluster can fall automatically. Say heavy data all presses car date correspondence to put store every time, form call serious management the database. Say to manage software to be able to offer way of a variety of inquiry, statistic again, can print at any time say to weigh receipt and forms for reporting statistics. Detect automatically in the system after finishing, real time transmits module automatically to carry sort of information of network general car, coal, coal gross weight of tare of suttle, car, car, car catchs all sorts of data such as the of all kinds forms for reporting statistics that pats image, monitoring to be generated kinescope, automatically remote transmit long-range control center or professional website. If central server or communication circuitry breakdown, after systematic trouble removal, advocate accuse a program to be able to judge network and server condition automatically, to the data that did not upload, automatic asynchronous is transmitted, need not any artificial interpose, ensured the accord of data, complete, safe, quick. Management department and each car carry user unit, pass the computer of connection of stage and one Internet, can visit attributive to land a management center through the domain name, circumstance and inquiry move when knowing fact of each bits all sorts of forms for reporting statistics. 7, epilogue passes the car that waits in coal, metallurgy, electric power, building materials and food industry to call heavy metric managing informatization the application in working practice, the science management that introduces informatization management pattern to give a company brings far-reaching influence, major breakthrough produces on administrative pattern and administrative concept, achieve managing personnel thereby, improve efficiency, reduce charge, managing cost, make sure coal is metric safety, reliable, accurate, just.
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