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Balance of newest leather belt packs a balance to control appearance JY500 serie
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Limited company of science and technology of Shenzhen city Long Xinzhi industry is the company of new and high technology that a major pursues calling heavy appearance and relevant control system research and development and production, produces JY500 series says to weigh indication controller function to be able to be gotten with international army the brand is rivalled, sell as far as to foreign market successfully already. Burden controller, ration packs controller, leather belt balance shows controller, weight packs the burden balance that waits for 4 old series to say heavy product applies extensively in the industrial and mining enterprises, ration to pack the automation such as balance of balance, electronic leather belt to say to detect again in the product. Devote oneself to to be offerred for the client in the industry such as building, electric power, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, commissariat and medicine burden is controlled, say to detect again reach solution of the mensurable technology that pack.

At present the company passes a year of much research and development, JY500B3 of appearance of control of balance of newest leather belt and JY500C3 of appearance of control of the balance that pack had checked ending put into production to export abroad. At the same time greeting home each businessman seeks advice!

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Leather belt balance controls appearance JY500B3

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